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If your want to get the most out of your online casino gaming experience, then make sure to check out the free spins bonus codes that we’ve painstakingly prepared. These are typically for first time depositors (for their respective online casinos) but there are also bonuses that regular players can take advantage of. The number of free spins will differ from online casino to online casino. There might be brands that can offer 10 while others can give players as much as 100 (sometimes even more). Aside from the number, online casinos will have different types of free spins that players can take advantage of. We’ve conveniently listed some of the most common ones below for you to check out.

Types of Free Spins

No-Deposit Free Spins

The first type of free spins we’ll be discussing are no-deposit free spins. As the name implies, players can get these free spins without having to deposit funds to their accounts. Online casinos offer this type of free spins for their newly registered players as a way to welcome them. With that said, players shouldn’t expect hundreds of no-deposit free spins when registering with an online casino. In fact, it’s more than likely that players might not receive no-deposit free spins after they’ve finished registering. The thing with no-deposit free spins is that while they’re not rare, it’s also not uncommon for online casino operators to not offer them. When you do come across an online casino that does offer this type of free spins, it’s likely that you’re going to receive a rather limited amount. Depending on the online casino, players should expect anywhere from 5 to 20 no-deposit free spins. Aside from the limited number, most online casinos will usually give free spins that can only be used for specific video slots.

Despite the limited number, no-deposit free spins are still great since they allow players to get a feel for an online casino. More often than not, players will only get to try out an online casino’s services once they’ve deposited funds to their accounts. The problem is that players might end up not liking the online casino and they’ll then have to contend with lengthy withdrawal processes. With a no-deposit free spins bonus, players would have an infinitely easier time evaluating if an online casino is right for them. More importantly for players is that they won’t be risking their money (or at the very least, the risk for them is minimal) thanks to this type of free spins bonus.

Welcome Free Spins

The next type of free spins bonus we’ll be discussing are the deposit free spins. Now these are quite possibly the most popular and the easiest to come across. Most online casinos will have a welcome bonus package that would give players match bonuses as well as free spins on their first couple of deposits. Unlike the no-deposits, these free spins are much more generous. Players who come across an online casino offering this type of promotion can expect to get anywhere from 50 to as much as 200 (maybe even more) free spins. It should be noted though that these free spins might be locked to specific video slots. In the case of online casinos that feature NetEnt titles, it’s highly likely that the free spins bundled with their match bonuses are tied to the Starburst video slot. Other times, these free spins might also be tied to titles that developers like NetEnt or Micrograming might be promoting (Berryburst was subjected to this treatment when it came out). More often than not though, players can use these free spins on all of the titles in an online casino’s games library or of a specific developer or publisher.

One thing that players need to take note about deposit free spins is that they likely will have the same wagering requirements as the match bonuses they’re bundled with. It’s also possible that the online casino handing these out will include the value the free spins in a welcome bonus’ wagering requirements. Additionally, online casinos might also place a cap on the winnings derived from the use of these free spins that players can withdraw. This is likely a means for the online casino to prevent the abuse of these free spins and limit their possible losses in case of a win by its players. With these caveats, are these free spins still worth it? Definitely. They still provide a lot of value especially for players who might want to get the most out of their deposits and wagers.

Game-specific and deposit free spins

What sets game-specific and reload free spins apart from welcome free spins is that they can be available even for regular players. Of the two, game-specific free spins are typically offered by more online casinos. As with welcome free spins bonuses, these are available when new casino games are released. Players can get these by depositing funds to their accounts or through an online casino’s newsletters (if they’re subscribed). As for deposit free spins, these are rewarded to players for every deposit. Unlike the other free spins on this list, these are often applicable to all the slots in an online casino’s games library. Due to their nature though, these free spins are relatively rare with very few online casinos offering them.

VIP Free Spins

Online casinos that have a VIP Program will also typically offer free spins to reward their players. These free spins are either credited to players’ accounts or are provided during their deposits. Usually these free spins are offered when players manage to hit a milestone in the program or to welcome them to a new tier. Not all online casinos might have a VIP program (for a number of reasons) though so players might want to take this in consideration when choosing one to register with. Regardless if they lack VIP Programs or have one in place, players should still be able to enjoy the casino gaming experiences offered by the online casinos we’ve listed in this page.

Free Spins Value and Wagering Requirements

The value of each free spin is determined by the online casino offering the bonus. Typically, free spin value is equal to that of the lowest betting value in a slot. Online casinos assign values to free spins mainly to limit players’ winnings as well as for setting wagering requirements. Yes, you read that right. Free spins (regardless of type) also have wagering requirements that players will need to complete before they’re able to withdraw winnings derived from their use. Of course there are online casinos that offer free spins without no wagering requirements but the majority of brands will usually have them. As for the how much they’ll need to wager, these will differ depending on the online casino offering the free spins. Some might only require players to wager 10x the value of the free spins while others could set 35x wagering requirements. Again, players will have to pore through the terms and conditions just to ensure that they understand what they’re getting into.


How does a bonus free spin differ from a slot’s free spin feature?

Bonus free spins are bonuses provided by an online casino that can be used on a slot/slots instead of real money. Depending on the online casino, a free spin is given a monetary value equal to one of the slot’s bet values. On the other hand, a free spin feature is activated only when a spin (regardless if it’s a real money wager or free spin) results in certain symbols (usually Scatters) appearing on a slot.

So to reiterate, bonus free spins are provided by the online casino for use on video slots. On the other hand, a free spins feature is a gameplay element of a slot that can be activated when a spin results in the appearance of certain symbols.

Can I cash out winnings derived from the use of a free spins bonus? If yes, how much can I cash out?

Yes. Players who use a bonus free spins and consequently win will get to cash out their winnings. With that said, there is a certain cashout prerequisite that players will need to meet before the online casino processes their withdrawal requests. For a withdrawal to be processed, players need to complete the wagering requirements for the free spins bonus they received. It should be noted that these wagering requirements will vary so there’s a need for players to always review the online casinos’ terms and conditions of their bonus free spins.

Much like with the wagering requirements, the amount of winnings a player can cash out will differ depending on the online casino. The vast majority of online casinos will set a maximum cashout amount for winnings derived from the use of their bonus free spins. These amounts can range from as low as €/$50 to as much as €/$100. There are even online casinos that set this amount to €/$200 with some even going as high as €/$500. With that said, maximum cashout amounts that exceed €/$100 are relatively rare.

Are free spins usable on jackpot games like Mega Fortune?

Another rarity is an online casino allowing its free spins bonus to be used on jackpot/progressive slots such as Mega Fortune or Mega Moolah. The majority of the online casinos will limit the use of their free spins to video slots.

Is it possible to claim another free spins bonus through another account in the same household?

This will depend largely on if the online casino offering the free spins bonus allows players to open multiple accounts under one household (or IP address). More often than not though, online casinos will treat this act as fraudulent activity. This could result in players’ accounts getting closed and their balances and winnings being forfeited.

Will it be profitable to register to as many online casinos as possible to make use of their no deposit free spins?

Our research team has come up with a list of close to a hundred casinos that currently offer free spins bonuses. Of these, players can come across around 20 to 40 online casinos that offer no-deposit free spins. Now, let’s assume that you registered with all of them and you were able to cash out once for every 10 online casinos. At €/$50 per cashout, you’re looking at €/$100 to €/$200 from just registering and playing the no-deposit free spins. Seems like a great deal right? The truth is, calculating profitability with this strategy is going to be a lot more complicated. The assumption earlier leaves out the probability of winning big on a video slot with just 5-20 free spins. In addition, that assumption didn’t include the video slot/s that players will be using their free spins on.

So does this mean that it’s not worth registering to as many online casinos as possible to take advantage of the no-deposit free spins? The answer is a straight-up no. It is still advisable for players to use this strategy. While their chances of winning might be slim, it’s not like they don’t have any chances at all. Moreover, registering to as many online casinos as possible will also help players choose one that they’re comfortable with.

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Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with free spins, it’s high time for you to check out online casinos that offer them. We have a list of online casinos on this page that feature close to 400 online casinos and their free spins offers. Aside from just their regular promotions, we’ve also partnered with the online casinos’ operators to offer exclusive bonus free spins that are worth taking advantage of. In addition to the free spins, these online casinos also offer other generous bonuses and promotions that all combine to ensure that you get a rewarding casino gaming experience.