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Online poker is one of the most popular gambling activities around the world. Of course, people were playing poker long before the World Wide Web was invented, but it seems that the Internet has managed to improve and upgrade the gameplay. Today, poker players from around the world can enter tournaments or play in virtual poker rooms at any time of the day from any place they want with players from other countries. This poker guide for beginners will teach you this: How to play poker and get started towards becoming a winning player. 

Obviously, playing online poker is easy, but what about winning at online poker? To win at online poker you need a good strategy, practice and a little bit of luck. If you are interested in learning how to improve your chances of winning at online poker, we suggest our guide. We have created a list of six useful tips that can help any online poker player regardless of their experience, skills, and goals.

1. Small Stakes & Bankroll Management

The size of the stakes you are using, as well as the bankroll itself, are two very important things in the process of playing online poker. When it comes to stakes, it’s best to start small. You should keep in mind that playing poker, be it offline or online, is about patience. You can’t expect to win big after a few hands. By placing small stakes, you will be able to practice the game without taking big risks. On the other hand, if you are using big stakes, you can burn your bankroll very fast. In addition, even if you are confident that you know the game, there’s always a chance that you will lose concentration or simply start playing bad. Even in situations like this, small stakes can prevent big losses. After a while, when you feel that you have enough experience and you are ready to invest more money in this activity, then you can gradually increase the size of the stakes. Remember that the higher the stakes, the more pros that are lurking for fresh fish to exploit.

As for bankroll management, this is one of the crucial things for every poker player. To put it in simple words, a bankroll is money that you’ve set aside strictly for playing online poker. This is usually money that you can afford to lose. It’s wise to set a limit on the size of your stakes and this limit should be related to the size of the bankroll. Typically, experienced players are using a small percentage of their bankrolls for every stake. This percentage is around 2% to 5%. In this way, even if you are out of luck or something else is making you lose all the time, your bankroll won’t be affected on a large scale. In case you’ve noticed that things are not going well for you at the table, you should move down in stakes and vice versa. But, never go over the limit. As the name suggests, the poker bankroll should be used only for poker games. If you want to play other games, you should create a different bankroll. For the best results, you should keep track of your poker sessions. This will help you determine the bankroll for the next year. 

2. Poker Tracking Software

One of the benefits of playing online poker is that you can use software solutions to improve your results. We are talking about completely legal solutions like poker tracking software. As the name suggests, this is a software option that basically records your activities when you are playing poker online. It also records the activities of other poker players. To get the best results, you should play a few hundred hands (at least one thousand hands according to some experts). When the program has information from so many hands, it can provide useful suggestions that will help you start winning at online poker.

It turns out that there are many different benefits of using software like this. For example, poker tracking software will help you record and monitor literally every hand while you are playing. You will get a log of all the losses and wins and precise information about when and where these wins and losses have happened. Next, with just a few clicks, you will find data about the best and worst hands you had. Of course, you can list this information based on the time when you have played or the online poker room where you were playing. There are many software solutions that will record the best hands of players and turn them into high-res videos. As a result of that, you will be able to find out more about the weaknesses and mistakes you’ve made. It can be very difficult to determine something like this while you are playing. You can also record the game of other players and analyze their strategies. With a good poker tracking software solution, you will get data about every aspect of the game – raises, bets flops, etc. So, you can use it to avoid professionals and winning players and helps you find fish.

In the last two decades, companies have released a few different trackers. PokerTracker 4 for example, is one of the most used applications of this kind. It works well with a few different kinds of online poker including pot-limit, limit, and no-limit cash games, multi-table tournaments and sit n’ go’s. Visit

Holdem Manager 2 is another popular software solution. It comes with a HUD (Heads Up Display) feature that highlights crucial info about all the players at the table. This software has user-friendly interface and any person, even those that don’t have experience can learn how to use it without any problems.

Finally, there’s PokerStove, a poker tracking software that helps players with the math side of the game. With its help, players can calculate equity vs range. Based on community cards, PokerStove can calculate pre-flop and post-flop equity.

3. Read Poker Books

Even if you are a seasoned poker player, you will have to upgrade your knowledge all the time if you want to stay on top. There are many things that you can do to achieve this objective and one of the most used options that many professional poker players are using is reading poker books. Before you purchase a book dedicated to poker, it’s the best idea to check the content. Not all books are good for poker players of all levels. Some of them are created for beginners while others are designed for pro players. There are also poker books focused on specific types of poker. Now let’s check some of the best poker books at the moment.

One of the most popular books of all time dedicated to poker is The Theory of Poker: A Professional Poker Player Teaches You How to Think Like One by David Sklansky. Even though this book was released back in 1987, it contains tips and advice that’s still relevant. Obviously, the author didn’t have online players in mind when he was writing it, but most of the tips will work in online poker games too. What’s great is that this book is not preparing players for a specific type of poker – it works for draw, stud, lowball and razz poker too. Thanks to this book, you will find out how to bluff, raise, evaluate hands and more.

If you want to check something newer, then you can purchase No Limit Hold’Em for Advanced Players by Matt Janda. This book was published in 2017, but it became an instant hit among poker players who enjoy no limit hold’em poker. You can tell by the title, that this poker book is not written for beginners. In it, you will find information about complex strategies and tactics that you can use against other advanced players. It’s interesting that the author advises players to use software programs to become better players which means that the book is relevant for both conventional and online players. From counter strategies and high variance play to equity and overbets – you will find useful information all over this book.

To play like a pro, you have to take advice from a pro. Super System: A Course in Power Poker is a poker book written by a well-known poker player – Doyle Brunson. He has won a couple of world championships and hundreds of poker games. In Super System, you will find out how and when to call, raise, fold and other things. The book is designed for lowball, 7-card stud high/low, draw and hold’em players. Remember that these are just some of the many helpful poker books out there.

4. Join a Poker Forum

There are some people who believe that the rise of social media platforms has made online forums obsolete, but they are wrong. There are still hundreds of active online forums with thousands of players and some of them are focused on poker. So, if you want to improve your game and start winning at online poker, then you might want to check these poker forums and join them.

The best of these forums work like relatively small, but helpful communities where players are willing to share their experience with other players. Chatting with other players and learning from their mistakes can help you right away. If you have any questions, forum members will be glad to answer you. Of course, they will expect the same from you, so don’t hesitate to become an active member. Remember that you can get the best tips from forum members that have a long history on the site and strong reputation. To help you get the most from these forums, we will mention a few of them.

First of all, there’s TwoPlusTwo. This is a poker forum that exists for years now and they have the largest base of fans. The good thing about it is that the forum is organized well and you can find sub-forums for different topics. Of course, there’s a search box too. Due to the fact that there are many players on this forum, you have to be careful about who you are getting advice from.

PocketFives is another interesting forum for poker players. What makes it unique is the presence of many experienced tournament players. So, if you are into tournaments, you will find useful information here. In addition to the experience shared by users, you will find updated info about tournament results, feature tournaments and other things that can help you as a poker player.

There’s PokerVIP too. To be honest, this is actually a site for poker players where they can find useful guides, coaching options and reviews of poker websites, but their forum is equally useful. Take some time, do some research and find the poker forum that suits your needs and goals. Visit

5. Distraction Free Setup

To become a successful poker player, you need many things including a high level of focus. We are living in a world where distractions can pop up out of nowhere at any time of the day. The problem is even greater when we are trying to stay focused at home. Of course, online poker can be played on a mobile device outside of your home, but in most cases, online poker players are playing from their homes. If you want to win at online poker, you must prevent distractions. For starters, you have to keep your desk clear of clutter. Are there any books or magazines sitting on your desk? Remove them and place them where they belong. Remember that your objective is to create a positive environment for playing poker.

If you are like most people, then you probably have a habit of checking your email all the time. But, is it really necessary to do this every five minutes? Unless you are waiting for an important email, you should limit this practice to once an hour or every two hours. Another thing that can help you in this process is to stay away from social media platforms. Surely, it looks fun to play online poker and browse the news feed on your Facebook profile, but this is something that can distract you. If you are not paying enough attention to the game, you will eventually start losing money.

As a matter of fact, you should stay away from multitasking in general. If you think that you don’t have time for something else in your life, limit the sessions. Play for an hour or two a day and use the rest of the day for something else. Just stick to the time that you have allotted for this activity. Multi-tasking will not only affect your poker game in a negative way, but it will also prevent you to finish whatever else you are doing in the right way.

Finally, it’s a good move to turn off your smartphone alerts. The vibration or the short sounds that your device makes whenever there is something new on one of your apps will definitely distract you. Don’t forget that you can always set a mode on your smartphone that will allow you to receive only urgent calls or calls from specific contacts.

6. Play Live Poker

Let’s be honest here – live poker won’t cease to exist simply because online poker is better. There are many advantages of playing poker over the Internet, but there are still a few things that make live poker in land-based casinos special. One of them is the atmosphere and excitement that players feel while they are competing with other players or dealers face to face.

So, if you have a casino close to your home, it’s worth visiting your local casino from time to time. In this way, you can keep your game sharp. You can also test the things you’ve learned online in the real world. As we have mentioned before, many of the things that are working for online poker are working in live poker games too. This means that you can become a better live poker player too.

When you have an opportunity to play in local casinos and online, you should use that opportunity. By playing poker games at online casinos and land-based casinos, you will notice the similarities and the differences between these two forms of pokers. While it’s true that most players prefer online poker, there are some players that are fans of live poker. By experiencing these two things you will be able to make the right decision and choose the poker game and type of poker that suits you.

Winning at online poker is not an easy task. It takes patience, discipline and strategy to start getting positive results. With the right approach, you should be able to become an experienced poker player that doesn’t make mistakes. You should remember that even the most experienced players have bad days and that no one can win at online (or live) poker all the time. What matters the most is having a positive record.

Which casino do you work for?

ReloadBet and LSbet casinos.

What is your role at the casino?

Affiliate Manager

Bio: give us a short biography of yourself to publish in the interview

Working in the company for 4 years. Started in customer service, now managing the affiliate department.

What are the top 5 most popular slots at the casino?

  • Starburst 
  • Gonzo's Quest
  • Twin Spin 
  • Fruit Shop
  • Dazzle Me

How does your VIP program work and loyalty rewards for players?

There is no specific VIP program, but we send reload offers regularly to our loyal players.

What is the most amount of money a player has won at the casino?

Over 10k USD (we do not disclose exact amounts)

Which casino softwares are the most popular with your players?

NetEnt, iSoftBet, Microgaming, an Play'n Go.

What are special features of your casino that make yours stand out from the rest?

Biggest number of bonus promos among big online casinos. More than 5 years of experience.

What are some of the gifts you send to your regular or VIP players?

Loyalty bonuses, special cash backs.

Do you offer birthday bonuses for your regular players?


Aside from slots, what are other popular games that players like playing at the casino?

Roulette, blackjack.

For casino players that haven't joined your casino yet, why should they signup?

Because they will not find any other online casino being such rewarding and with so many bonus offers, permanent promotions, weekend promotions.


What is your first and last name?

Connie Burstin

Which casino do you work for?

Superior, 24VIP, and 888Tiger Casino.

What is your role at the casino?

Affiliate Manager

Bio: give us a short biography of yourself to publish in the interview.

Affiliate Marketer since 1999

What are the top 5 most popular slots at the casino?

  • 5 Reel Circus Mobile
  • Jumping Jaguar
  • Almighty Dollar
  • Five Times Wins
  • King Winalot

How does your VIP program work and loyalty rewards for players?

VIP benefits begin from day 1 which includes free chips every week, cash backs, surprise tokens, exclusive raffles and more.  There are 4 levels of rewards for each brand.

Which casino softwares are the most popular with your players?

Rival and BetSoft

What are special features of your casino that make yours stand out from the rest?

VIP Service.

What are some of the gifts you send to your regular or VIP players?

Free Comps with the game they like the most.

Do you offer birthday bonuses for your regular players?


Aside from slots, what are other popular games that players like playing at the casino?


For casino players that haven't joined your casino yet, why should they signup?

They will get value from their casino spend.  Comps from day 1.




With Halloween fast approaching, online casino operators are expected to ramp up on their promotions to commemorate the celebration. Players excited for this celebration can expect these promotions to involve bonuses, free spins, and possibly even cashbacks. Additionally, operators might come up with offers on their Halloween-themed casino games. Even without these offers though, Halloween slots are still worth playing (especially during Halloween). Not only are these titles apt for the celebration, more often than not, they also offer great graphics and (more importantly) rewarding gameplay.

Of course, not all of these slots are made the same or have the same features. For this reason, players might find choosing a Halloween slot or slots to be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, we have a crack team of researchers who’ve come up with a number of titles that players might want to consider checking.

Criteria for choosing a Halloween Slot

Our researchers settled on 7 Halloween slots for players to check out. In choosing these titles, our researches considered a number of factors. Chief among these is availability. What this means is that the Halloween-themed slots on this list are readily available from a wide selection of online casinos. Other than availability, our research team also considered the RTP of the Halloween slots in this list. Players can expect these titles to have relatively high RTPs which would in turn mean more chances of them winning their wagers. Of course, this shouldn’t mean that we’ll only feature titles that have high RTPs on this list. If a listed title doesn’t have a high RTP, then it only means that it has gameplay features that can make gameplay extremely rewarding. Last but not the least, our researchers have made sure that the titles in this list are all aesthetically pleasing to play. This means that these Halloween slots get the imagery, sound, and atmosphere of the celebration just right to ensure a gaming experience that’s immersive as it is rewarding.

7 Lucky Halloween Slots to consider

  1. Halloween (Microgaming)
  2. Lucky Halloween (Red Tiger Gaming)
  3. Halloween Fortune (Playtech)
  4. Wild Witches (Netent)
  5. Happy Halloween (Play'n Go)
  6. Frankenslot's Monster (Betsoft Gaming)
  7. Pumpkin Smash (Yggdrasil Gaming)


  • Developed by Microgaming
  • 5 Reels, 50 Paylines
  • Features bonus rounds, free spins, scatters, multipliers
  • 96.01% RTP

The original Halloween movie is arguably one of the most influential intellectual properties tied to the Halloween celebration. From movies to video games, the franchise recently found its way to casino games in the form of a Microgaming developed video slot. Released just a couple of days after the 2018 Halloween movie reboot, the title deserves a spot on the list in large part due to its features, availability, and RTP. As with a lot of ‘flagship’ Microgaming titles, the video slot boasts of a number of features that can help players win big. These features include the regular Wilds symbols that’s are de rigueur for video slots developed nowadays. However, it’s the video slot’s special features that make it stand out from other similarly themed titles. The video slot has Bonus symbols that can activate a Trick or Treat Bonus feature which then allow players to get free spins or the chance to play another bonus game.

Graphics-wise, the video slot features imagery from the original Halloween movie as well as the celebration in general, that are sure to make players feel nostalgic. Complementing the high-quality graphics is the series’ iconic background music. As for RTP, players will be happy to know that the video slot boasts of a 96.01% rate. Availability-wise, players should have no issues looking for this title considering a lot of online casinos make use of Microgaming software.

Lucky Halloween

Lucky Halloween slot by Red Tiger Gaming

  • Developed by Red Tiger Gaming
  • 5 Reels, 20 Paylines
  • Features Wilds, Free Spins, Bonus Games, Multipliers
  • 96.16% RTP

Lucky Halloween is a Red Tiger Gaming developed title that should also interest players. Launched back in 2016, the video slot also boasts of a relatively rewarding RTP and features, great graphics, and widespread availability. The title has Mega Wild and Random Wild features (activated by the appearance of the Pumpkin Biker symbol) that can help improve players’ chances of winning a spin. Other than this, the video slot has a Pumpkin Tree symbol that serves as a multiplier and a Bonus symbol that can trigger the Full Moon Bonus game.

While not as big or as popular as Microgaming, Red Tiger Gaming still enjoys widespread availability. Its even possible to find the developer featured along with NetEnt and Microgaming in an online casino’s games library. When it comes to graphics, players can expect the video slot to feature Halloween-themed imagery. Spooky audio and background music also lends a little spookiness to the slot that’s endearing. As of this writing, Lucky Halloween’s RTP is set at 96.16%.

Halloween Fortune

  • Developed by Playtech
  • 5 Reels, 20 Paylines
  • Features Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Multipliers, and Bonus Games
  • 97.06% RTP

Halloween Fortune is perhaps Playtech’s most popular and most generous Halloween-themed video slot. Much like other titles, this video slot has the standard 5 reels and 20 paylines. What makes the title stand out though is its regular and special features. These include 10000 coin jackpot (that can go up to 50000), Wilds, and a Brew Bonus that can activate a Bonus round that rewards players with 20 free spins.

Another draw of the video slot is its graphics and presentation. It features high quality 2D imagery associated with Halloween such as witches, pumpkins, lanterns, and potions. More importantly, Halloween Fortune boasts of a 97.06% RTP that ensures players will get paid back more the longer they play. Perhaps the only drawback with the video slot is that Playtech’s availability isn’t as wide-reaching as NetEnt’s or Microgaming’s. With that said, there are still plenty of reputable online casinos that feature this publishers’ titles.

Wild Witches

  • Developed by NetEnt
  • 5 Reels, 20 Paylines
  • Features Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers, and Free Spins
  • 96.1% RTP

Wild Witches is a newly-released Halloween-themed video slot from NetEnt. A major draw for this video slot is the fact that it’s readily available considering the number of online casinos that showcase NetEnt’s software. As for features, players can expect the video slot to have Wilds, Multipliers, and Free Spins. It should be noted though that the video slot doesn’t really have the bonus games that other entries in this list feature.

Graphics-wise, Wild Witches’ depiction of witches is that of sexy and fun-loving beings (as opposed to the traditional child-eating women in fairy tales and legends). The witches as well as other graphical elements/images of the video slot are highly rendered. Audio and background music also complement the visuals perfectly. For RTP, the title boasts a relatively high rating of 96.1%.

Happy Halloween

  • Developed by Play’n GO
  • 5 Reels, 50 Paylines
  • Features Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins
  • 96% RTP

Developed by Play’n GO, Happy Halloween is a video slot that saw release back in 2015. Much like Wild Witches, the video slot doesn’t feature any bonus games. With that said, this hasn’t prevented from becoming one of the developer’s most popular titles. While it might not have bonus games, the title does have Wilds as well as Scatters which can activate a Free Spins feature that can help players win a whopping 1000000 coins.

In terms of graphics, Happy Halloween features cute images of ghosts, witches, and other monsters associated with Halloween. Not only are these images beautifully rendered, they also feature animations that activate during spins and payline wins. The background music is also soothing and is a perfect complement for the visuals. In addition to these, a 96% RTP makes the video slot an even more compelling choice to play during Halloween.

Frankenslot’s Monster

  • Developed by Betsoft
  • 5 Reels, 20 Paylines
  • Features Free Spins, Bonus Games, Wilds, and Scatters
  • 96.8% RTP

Frankenstein and his monster has been inextricably intertwined with the celebration of Halloween that it’d be unwise for us to not include this title. Frankenslot’s Monster has been around since 2017 and has steadily grown in popularity since its release. A big reason for this is the title’s rewarding features. These include the regular Wild symbols as well as special ones such as free spins (activated by Scatters), and a Bonus Round with a bonus prize of up to 25x the player’s bet.

In terms of graphics, Frankenslot’s Monster is arguably the best looking. The video slot features animated 3D models of Dr. Frankenslot and his monster. Other than this, the title’s background music is a little more upbeat which surprisingly makes the wagering experience much more immersive. In terms of RTP, players can expect to get paid back 96.8% of their wagers the longer they play the video slot.

Pumpkin Smash

  • Developed by Yggdrasil Gaming
  • 5 Reels, 20 Paylines
  • Features Wilds, Free Spins, Bonus Games, Multipliers, and Scatters
  • 96.2% RTP

Pumpkin Smash is a Halloween and Day of the Dead-themed video slot offered by Yggdrasil Gaming. Released back in 2017, the video slot is notable for features such as Bonus Games, Free Spins, and Multipliers (in addition to Wild symbols). The Pumpkin prizes on the Pumpkin Smash bonus game include free spins, x2 to x7 multipliers, and 5-2000 coins. In terms of availability, players will likely find the video slot on online casinos that also feature NetEnt and/or Microgaming titles.

Aesthetically, Pumpkin Smash uses a lot of imagery from Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration (Mexican-themed skulls) and brilliantly mixes these with traditional Halloween imagery (the Pumpkin). The symbols feature rendering similar to what you’d find in Guacamelee! As for the video slot’s audio and background music, it’s a lot more chill and laid back (though it still has some haunting notes) compared with the other titles in this list. Players can expect a relatively high return for their wagers over time since the video slot’s RTP is set at 96.2%.

Halloween Casino Bonuses

Now that you have a list of Halloween-themed video slots, the next thing you should consider is getting Halloween Casino Bonuses. Thankfully, we have an extensive list of these that you can check out. What’s great about this type of bonus is that they’re relatively generous as opposed to the regular bonuses online casinos might offer. Depending on the online casino, players can expect to get either free spins, match bonuses, or a mix of both. So if you’re feeling lucky and happen to be preparing for Halloween then make sure to check out the plethora of Halloween Casino Bonuses we’ve prepared just for you.

New casinos are a dime a dozen nowadays but there are probably more pros and cons when it comes to joining new online casinos. Operators have access to powerful platforms that allow them to set up a new casino for both desktop and mobile devices relatively fast. With the influx of these operations, how can players go about choosing a new casino to patronize? Should they just register with the first online casino that pops up on their preferred search engine’s results page? Are players better off sticking with more established brands? These questions (and more) are going to be answered in our guide to joining new casinos.

Pros of New Casinos

  • Sign-up Bonuses
  • Regular promotions

Signup Bonuses for New Players

Owing to the cutthroat competition, it’s often a challenge for operators to come up with new casinos. It is for this reason that you’ll notice new casinos are more likely to offer generous sign-up bonuses as opposed to their more established competitors. These sign-up offers typically range from plain match bonuses, free spins, or a combination of both. To sweeten the deal, some new casinos also offer no-deposit bonuses that players can enjoy when they register for accounts. If you want to find bonuses for new casinos, check out CasinoGuide website here

Ongoing bonuses for players

Aside from welcome bonuses, new casinos also offer promotions for its players to take advantage of. Depending on the operator though, these promotions can either be regular (weekly, monthly, and/or even daily) or seasonal. While sign-up bonuses are important for converting players, promotions play an even more crucial role in a new casinos growth since they are often the only tool operators can use to retain players. Much like sign-up bonuses, these promotions are available to players in the form of match bonuses, slot-specific free spins, and cashback bonuses.

Cons of New Casinos

  • Shady operators
  • Unreasonable bonuses

Shady Casino Operators

While this might not be true for all, it can’t be denied that there will be new casinos that can’t be relied on to provide honest services. Players who don’t research diligently might end up registering to an online casino with an operator that has a less than stellar reputation. There have been instances where players ended up losing their money due to operators not paying out their winnings. Aside from not processing withdrawals, shady operators have also been known to offer fake or rig their casino games to make players lose out on their wagers.

Unreasonable casino bonuses

Make no mistake, it’s not just new casinos that are guilty of providing unreasonable bonuses. With that said, there is some truth to new casinos offering bonuses that are disadvantageous to players. Additionally, these types of bonuses can at times be offered by new casinos run by reputable operators. Players who inadvertently take advantage of these bonuses without reading the new casino’s terms and conditions could end up having to spend more just to get their winnings or in some cases, withdraw their balance. 

Just to summarize, unreasonable bonuses are more in the form of having really bad terms and conditions of the bonus where the casino operator takes advantage of players that never read the fine print. This is why casino affiliate websites exist where they can point these out to players to ensure they don't get caught up in bad casino T&Cs.

What to look for in a new online casino

Now that you have somewhat of an idea of the pros and cons of new casinos, let’s then talk about what you need to consider when joining one.

New Bonuses and Promotions

Most players decide to join a new online casino because they might have come across its welcome bonus offer. Now make no mistake about it, bonuses can be a good thing. They help players get more value out of their deposits and allow them to try out more of an online casino’s games and services. However, not all bonuses are alike. At first glance, most new casinos might have better bonuses than others. Your eyes might even light up when you see a new casino offer a welcome bonus package that would give you north of $/€1000 on your first 3 to 4 deposits. If you looked at the terms and conditions though, you might see that the online casino will require you to wager 40x or sometimes even 50x the bonus and deposit amounts. So instead of enjoying the winnings that might result from the use of these bonuses, you end up having to continuously deposit and wager to ensure that the online casino will process your withdrawal request.

With this in mind, players should do well to read up on a new casino’s bonuses and promotions before they decide to register and subsequently, fund their new accounts. As mentioned earlier, unreasonable bonuses aren’t necessarily an indicator that an online casino is bad. A new casino might offer an unreasonable bonus but it can also make up for it with other promotions or a genuinely rewarding VIP Program. In cases like this, you can opt to not get the bonus and just go about wagering on the new casino’s games. If you do end up winning then you’ll end up having an easier time withdrawing the funds from your account.

Games can make or break your casino gaming experience

Aside from the prospect of winning, players are also drawn to aesthetically pleasing casino games. Just look at how casino gaming software developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n GO, Lightning Box Games, Mr Slotty, and others constantly come up with new titles on a regular basis. While bonuses might play a role in a player’s choice for an online casino, it is the games (along with promotions) that often determine whether he stays or not. An online casino might offer thousands in bonuses but if its casino games are limited or of low quality then you might not enjoy wagering.

Thankfully, operators have wisened to their players’ preferences and most new casinos nowadays can be expected to offer titles from various developers and publishers. As for the fairness of these casino games, players can check if the online casino has a seal from an independent RNG testing service like iTech Labs. Additionally, players can opt to seek out online casinos that also feature provably fair casino games developed with blockchain technology. These type of casino games are great since they allow players (as well as casinos) to verify if the result of each spin was truly random. It should be noted though that not all new casinos will have these types of casino games.

Players who prefer to play on the go would be glad to know that most of the casino games developed these days will work on both desktops and mobile device. With that said, there are new casinos that are targeted mainly at players who prefer to use their internet-capable smart phones and tablets. These typically feature casino games optimized for mobile devices though they could still be played on your desktops/laptops.

Looking up the operator and license

Arguably one of the most important considerations when joining a new casino is its operator. Joining a new casino that has an operator that already has a stellar reputation will more often than not result in an enjoyable casino gaming experience for a player. An experienced operator can be expected to provide its players with outstanding services and offers. In addition, most experienced operators will include features in their more established brands on their new casinos. Examples of these features are its customer support team, VIP program, and in some cases operators might also incorporate bonuses similar to that of their other brands.

Another important consideration when considering new casinos is the operator’s license. Most players might brush off an online casino’s license to operate as inconsequential but it actually offers a lot of protections for them. Should an online casino commit shady practices, players can always get in touch with (or send their complaints to) the license-issuing institution. As of this writing, the licenses that carry the most weight are the ones issued by the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, Malta Gaming Authority, and the Swedish Gambling Authority. There are some online casinos that have one while there are also others that operate on 2 or more of these licenses. Oftentimes, the online casinos that do have 2 or more of these top licenses are also managed by top operators (like ProgressPlay Ltd and Nektan Limited). Online casinos with licenses issued by the Government of Curacao can also be considered but only if their operators are already established (Direx N.V. would be a great example).

Make no mistake, a reputable operator and license from a top jurisdiction isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to choosing a new online casino. However, new casinos that do have these licenses and/or are managed by a reputable operator will more often than not provide quality service.

VIP Programs are a plus but…

You seldom find a new casino that offers a VIP Program so if you do come across one then it’s probably worth considering. With that said, the availability of a VIP Program shouldn’t be considered a non-negotiable. While there are others that offer these immediately, most new casinos typically offer a Loyalty or VIP Program a few months after they started operations. It should also be noted that the bonuses or offers players can get through these programs might also have their own wagering requirements. Much like when choosing bonuses, players will need to read through the new casinos’ VIP Program details as well as their terms and conditions. 

Check Out Independent Casino Gaming Portals

Another good way to check if a new casino is worth it is if it’s able to get good ratings from independent casino gaming portals. Sites like ThePOGG, AskGamblers, CasinoGuide, and SlotsRoom all regularly conduct reviews on the newest online casinos. What’s great about the independent casino gaming portals listed is that they’ve been around for quite some time now and they can be counted on to offer unbiased and in-depth reviews.

You should note though that the reviews these independent casino gaming portals make will have variations and deviations from each other. This is due to the fact that these sites make use of different review formats. With that said, players should still be able to check on whether a new casino is worth joining regardless of the review format used. 

Aside from the reviews, these independent casino gaming portals also feature community forums that can prove to be even more useful when considering new online casinos to join. Players can use these forums to ask other players for information on an operator that they might not be familiar with or whether a new casino’s sign-up bonus is worth getting. Also, if possible, try to visit as many of these sites as you can instead of just browsing on one of them. It’s likely that one independent casino gaming portal might have a review on a new casino that the other site has yet to cover. By visiting as many sites as possible, you’ll get to come across more casinos.

Starting Your Search for New Casinos to Join

Now that you already have an idea on how to pick a new casino to join, it’s time for you to start your search. We would personally recommend to browse the independent casino gaming portals we listed down earlier. Once you’ve settled on a couple of new casinos, it’s then time for you to further research about them. Diligently check their operators’ track records (Google is your friend) and if you come up short then inquire in forums and message boards. Also check on the new casinos’ licenses and if they’re able to provide their service to players in your jurisdiction. Then before you register and fund your account, make sure that you’ve also thoroughly read the new casinos’ terms and conditions for their bonuses and promotions (if they are offering them).

Following these tips and guidelines aren’t going to guarantee that you’ll come across the best new casino. There’s dozens of new casinos debuting on a regular basis so what may be the best now could end up getting overshadowed in a week or two by one that has even better features and offerings. With that said, the tips and guidelines in this article are definitely going to save you a lot of heartache and money. In following these, you should end up with a new casino that offers reasonable bonuses and promotions, has a great management team, and features a good selection of titles from the top developers in the industry today.

Thanks to modern technology, casino games are more accessible than ever. You can use your mobile device to place bets at any time of the day and on the go. However, this convenience is causing a lot of problems among compulsive gamblers. The number of so-called problem gamblers is growing and even though they are a small minority when we compare it to the number of all people that are fond of gambling, their problem is very serious and it should be treated carefully.

There are a few tools on the market that can help problem gamblers. One of these tools is BetBlocker, a mobile application that was created to help gamblers control and manage their gambling activities. This app was developed by ThePOGG, a website where players can find useful information about online casinos, bookmakers, casino games and other gambling-related things. A few days ago, they have released a new version for Android users which has a few improvements.

What is BetBlocker all about?

As we said before, this is a mobile application for Android/iOS devices. Players have to download this app on their devices and after that they can decide how many days they want to stay away from gambling. The application includes a list of hundreds of websites where users can gamble and it will block these sites once you decide to limit yourself from getting to these gambling sites.

While it’s true that there are other similar applications like, it’s also true that ThePOGG is the only developer that has decided to make a completely free app for problem gamblers. Users should not expect to see any ads on this application which is great. You can find and download this application on the official site.

“ There are other tools on the market that do what BetBlocker does. But without exception these tools charge their users. This is a huge issue. The one thing all gambling addicts share in common is that by the time they're ready to seek help they've lost too much money. For the worst effected they are struggling to find money to keep a roof over their head, food on their table and close on their back. Many of them already have chronic levels of debt. For these people any cost can be a barrier to getting help and sadly fee based services result in those in most desperate need of help being most likely to be unable to afford it.”

As we said before, BetBlocker is available to iOS and Android users and it works fine on almost all versions of these operating systems regardless of the type of device you are using (smartphone, tablet etc.). In addition, it’s possible to use BetBlocker on Linux, Mac and Windows-powered devices.

What’s interesting is that this mobile app will keep gambling sites locked until the period of time you’ve selected is finished and there’s nothing that you can do about that. Even if you contact their support, they will leave the restrictions on. This is quite logical because gambling addicts, just like any addicts sometimes can’t deal with their urge to gamble. Even in case you sell your device, the restriction will remain because BetBlocker is doing its best to keep gamblers safe.

All in all, this is a good move made by As a website that cares about responsible gambling they have realized that there are many people that are dealing with gambling addiction. We are talking about people that have lost more money than they could afford to lose. So, charging them just to get help seems a little bit harsh. That’s why their BetBlocker application is completely free and doesn’t include any kind of advertising.

Problem Gambling Resources

We have plenty of information on problem gambling on our Responsible Gambling page. There are other sites that you'll commonly see listed from online casinos and other sites that share where players can get help. There are quite a few organizations in the United Kingdom which are more focused on UK players and then there is Gamblers Anonymous. Gamblers Anonymous (GA) are really all over the world but the biggest knock against them is their religious associations. Some players prefer organizations where they don't feel pressured to attend a church. 

Perhaps the best resource around is Gambling Therapy which they have their site in many lanugages and dedicated pages of information for many players in different countries. 

If you are looking for top casinos where you can get the best no deposit deals, you’ve come to the right place. To be honest, the number of casinos that have offers like this is not very high, but the good thing is that many of them are well-established reputable casino sites. With the help of deals like this, you can win real money without placing your funds at risk.

An introduction to no deposit deals

No deposit deals are a type of online casino bonus which is often called free money deals. Most of the first online casinos in the 1990s had deals like this in their offer. The situation has changed after the emergence of dozens of new casinos on the Internet. Yet, in case you use search engines to check for no deposit deals in online casinos, you will find dozens of results. However, if you want to stay on the safe side, our advice is to doublecheck any offer that promises big sums of money. If there’s a site with a no deposit deal worth $1000, then there’s a great chance that they are trying to scam players.

That’s why we have prepared a list of top casinos where you can use no deposit deals without worrying about the safety of your winnings and your personal information.

Types of slots you can play

Just keep in mind that not all slot machine types are available to play on no deposit bonuses. Many are for video slots or classic 3 reel slots but almost never are they available for progressive jackpot types. 

Understanding the mechanics of no deposit deals

Playing casino games for free and earning real money sounds like a dream come true for many casino players. The good thing is that situations like this are not impossible. But, what makes some online casinos create such bonuses? Why do they have no deposit deals? The reason behind these offers is simple – they want to attract new players.

Remember that this kind of bonus deals are usually less valuable compared to regular bonus offers. They also have fewer limitations and restrictions when players want to withdraw their winnings. It’s interesting that no deposit deals are not always available in the form of free cash. In many cases, they are actually free spins that you can use on specific games. This is a good way for a casino to monitor the activity of rewarded players. In addition, many casino software suppliers are giving away free spins to online casinos and they are using these promotions to attract new players.

When online casinos are providing this kind of special deals, they are aware that they can turn more visitors into players. With the help of no deposit bonuses, potential players have a chance to explore the website and try out casino games. It’s way more attractive for players to play for free for a while and place a deposit later than to place a deposit right away without testing the capabilities of the site that they are interested in. What’s great is that top casinos are not making difficult for users to withdraw their winnings. Some of them don’t have wagering requirements or at least no difficult wagering requirements. However, some of these deals might come with restrictions like the highest amount you can withdraw. In addition, there are online casinos that will ask you to use this bonus in the next few hours or a couple of days.

Pros and (possible) cons of no deposit deals

As previously mentioned, there are many top casinos where you can find no deposit deals. It doesn’t really matter whether we are talking about free spins or free cash, players definitely like this kind of bonuses. If you are still not sure why someone would want to use a no deposit deal keep reading because we will highlight a few pros of using these deals.

Easy to use

Are you a fan of freebies? Welcome to the club. People like free things and that’s what no deposit deals are all about. You can get free money or free spins, but the main point is that you don’t have to pay anything for them. In order to get this bonus, you have to become a registered member of an online casino and the spins or money will be transferred to your account. Keep in mind that if you get free spins, you will usually have to use them on specific casino games (in most cases predetermined online slot games).

Boost your chances of winning

The more you play, the more chances you have to win. With no deposit bonuses, you will boost your chances of winning. If everything goes as planned, you can start playing with a larger bankroll than expected.

Explore casino sites

In addition to these things, no deposit deals will help you explore online casinos. You can check attractive online slots before you actually place your own money. There are cases when players are not quite sure whether they want to play some game or not and the fact that they will get a chance to play it for free and still have a chance to win money is enough for them to join an online casino. This is also a good way to test brand new games and become better at some games.

Other benefits

Thanks to no deposit deals, players can earn money and keep that money. They can also choose the size of their wagers and avoid difficult wagering requirements present in other types of casino bonuses.

(Possible) cons

One of the possible cons is the maximum payout limitation. However, since you are not playing with your own money in the first place, this is still a great deal. In addition, some bonus deals like this might come with high wagering requirements. In addition, these deals are often restricted to a specific game or group of games.

Final thoughts on no deposit deals

Simply put, no deposit deals are a type of online casino deals designed to attract new casino players. They can come in the form of free spins or free cash and have some limitations. However, since they won’t cost you a dime and give you a chance to win real money, it’s a smart idea to check top casinos where you can use deals like this.

Where are all the virtual reality casinos? It was just years ago that SlotsMillion casino made waves in the industry by basically becoming the first real money online casino to be available in virtual reality. It was popular and well received that many thought others would follow them and copy the idea. Virtual reality did see major growth as an industry in 2017 but in 2018 things cooled off and it is as though people have discarded vr technology.

Expensive VR setups

Before 2019, if you wanted a virtual reality setup, you needed a powerful Windows desktop computer and an expensive VR headset like the HTC Vive for example. When you are looking at a price range of $2000 just to run a VR casino, you can see why a lot of players would want to try it but won’t be forking out that kind of money for it. It also inherently requires someone that knows their way around a computer.

What is truly needed for VR to get bigger and to get more online casinos using virtual reality technology is to have the price come down and everything running on the headset itself.

Oculus Go

Now the Oculus Go won’t allow you to play casino games but it represents one of the first standalone devices where you don’t need a computer to make it work as the processing is more or less done on the device and connects with your phone. This means the device only costs a fraction of the HTC Vive and for a few hundred dollars, you got yourself a VR headset that is actually amazing to use. The quality of the Oculus Go is surprising with amazing video and sound. There is really no lag on the video and some of the video displays you can watch just look like you are in a 4K virtual reality environment. Everything looks real and rich and of course in time the resolution and quality will only get better.

This means that the future of VR casinos will most likely connect through a mobile phone and this also means you should have access to more casinos than just SlotsMillion.

SlotsMillion is actually an amazing online casino but they don’t have free spins bonuses or slots tournaments so this is one of the setbacks of this casino. For players that love casino bonuses, you’ll of course want to try others.

What about Bitcoin?

Of course for the players that love to play at Bitcoin casinos and to do this in virtual reality, this is around the corner and it will be a matter of selecting the casinos that you prefer to play at. Of course we know that this means you’ll be wanting to play at casinos that give you the best bonuses. For Bitcoin casino bonuses check out the site and page by CBN.

SlotsMillion VR casino

Until this new technology comes around, SlotsMillion has a massive head-start on all online casinos. They have already built numerous versions of their virtual reality casino which is a cool skyscraper concept where you can go to the bar, see other players, interact with a host and even go to the window of the building and gaze out into the sky. They have a few popular Netent games including Starburst slot which is one of the most popular slots of all time. 

Tips for Slots Players on Tournaments and Freerolls

If you’re like most slots players, then you’ll like to get your fair share of slots bonuses. Plus, to play in slots tournaments too. Slots bonuses obviously give you more bang for your buck, tournaments are also a different way to enjoy a slot game playing against other players. Of course, if you play in any slots freeroll tournaments, then it is a better way to have a chance at winning prizes without needing to make a single deposit. It is somewhat similar to a no deposit bonus or a free spins offer, but they are probably more fun and goal oriented.

In this guide we discuss the following:

  • Slots bonuses
  • Free spins bonuses
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Slots tournament strategies
  • Slots tournament freerolls

Slots Bonuses

Slots bonuses come in many variations, the most promoted bonuses you’ll see on any online casino site will be free spins bonuses, new player bonuses or a combination of the two. The bonus categories for slots are as follows:

  • Free Spins
  • No deposit
  • Signup or welcome bonus
  • Match bonus
  • Reload bonuses
  • Cashback bonuses

Players are always searching for Hot Casino Promotions when it comes to free spins; most players appreciate no deposit free spins. You may have noticed some casinos call these extra spins or some other variation as it implies that you must make a deposit of some sorts in order to get these ‘free spins’, which is why these casinos no longer call them by the term most of us have seen before.

Free Spins

Free spins bonuses are fun to play with, but they are changing. The Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom has recently been critical of online gambling operations loosely promoting the term free spins on their sites. That is, they would offer large bonuses like 100 free spins, but players would signup, ask for the bonus when they didn’t get it only to be told they would need to make a minimum deposit of £50 to receive the bonus. This infuriated many players to the point where the ASA was receiving frequent complaints, now casinos are forced to honor the term free spins without a deposit required or to change the name of the bonus. Now you’ll see terms like ‘extra spins’ which helps to differentiate. Just keep in mind the ASA will probably strike again with the United Kingdom Gambling Control (UKGC) enforcing these rules. They will probably clamp down even on these terms from ‘extra spins’ and ‘bonus spins’ which still sounds too much like a no deposit bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses

Normally, these bonuses imply you’ll get a currency amount to play with where you wager a specific amount, and you have a maximum cash-out to deal in place. These are not to be confused with free play bonuses, which truthfully have mostly disappeared and most players hated them. An example of one would be a $/£/€5 no deposit bonus. Usually, wagering is around 100 times the bonus, and you‘ll get maximum cash-outs that range in the $50 to $100 region. These bonuses shouldn’t be confused with no deposit free spins, which are very similar but the difference is that you get free spins rather than cash. If it wasn’t obvious, players are not allowed to simply withdraw the bonus money without wagering. If you try to do this, you’ll have your cash-out rejected and most likely get your account closed in the process. If players win big but fail to finish the wagering requirements, then you’ll also get your cash-out rejected with your balance set back to zero.

Other types of slots bonuses

Signup or Welcome Bonuses

Almost every online casino will have a signup bonus of some sorts unless you end up playing at a boring casino like No Bonus Casino; yes that is actually a real casino. The majority of online casinos tend to have signup bonuses (or welcome bonuses as they might call it) to be around 100%. The maximum bonus amount will vary from casino to casino, it also depends on the currency whether British pounds, Euros, US dollars or even in Bitcoin. If you want value for your money, then signup bonuses can double or treble your initial $100 deposit, then you’ll start your casino bankroll at $200 or $300, giving you a great chance of winning on your first go at the casino. The only downside of signup bonuses is the bonus itself is usually the highest percentage they offer, and for regular players, they tend to be either 50% or lower. Sometimes you’ll get a 100% offer, but these are certainly rare.

Match Bonus

This bonus almost implies it is for all players especially regular players. So signup bonuses are for new player registrations only, but a match bonus is available to everyone! If you join more than one casino, then chances are you’ll get more of these match bonus offers on your birthday or various holidays of the year. Typically Halloween or Christmas is the busiest times of the year for match bonuses.

Slots Tournament Strategies

Is there really any strategy needed in playing slots or within tournaments? Yes, it depends on the rules. For example, if you need to get the biggest win, then you might want to increase your bet or try playing higher variance slot games for example. If you are trying to draw out your gameplay, then you’ll want a slot with not only lower variance, but a higher RTP value, or it simply means lower house edge. You’ll lose less to the casino on every spin you make.

Also, pay attention to the time. Many tournaments last just one hour, but some can endure over the span of days. Use up all the time you have and be mindful of it too.

Rebuys - at your own risk

If you have the money for it, some tournaments offer re-buys, where you can buy into the tournament again if you happen to bust out. For tournaments that require more wagering as a means of keeping score than rebuys will help you get to the top.

Slots Tournament Freerolls

If you can’t be bothered funding your ewallet or don’t have any extra cash to spare, then freerolls are a great way to get something out of nothing. Freeroll means that no deposit is required to enter into the tournament; usually, these tournaments have a set pot of how much can be won. Often you’ll see cash prizes given out to players for top 5 finishers or the top 20 players. Sometimes bonuses are given out to players instead of cash prizes, so this all depends on the tournament. You can possibly find a freeroll happening every day, but of course, if you only play freerolls, casinos might not like it and may restrict your access to these tournaments.

Free is the word that most people like to hear when they want to use something. If you are interested in playing slots for free then you are in luck because almost every online casino is offering access to free slots. Of course, the same casinos have real money slots too. So, what’s the catch? What are the differences and similarities of free slots and real money slots?

In order to answer these questions, we will analyze these two options.

Free Slots

Free slots are free versions of popular online slots which are used by online casinos to attract new players. So, their primary goal is to make players use the paid versions. This is a good option for slot players too because they can try a new game without spending money. In this way, they can find out whether certain games meet their criteria. In addition, by using free slots, you will get a chance to practice and get familiar with all the options and features found in these games.

Real Money Slots

Simply put, real money slots are online slots which let players play for real money. Obviously, the only advantage of playing this type of slots compared to free slots is the fact that you can win actual prizes. When you play for free, you will get points that you can’t cash in. Additionally, there are many real money slots with free versions that don’t have the progressive jackpot feature. This makes sense because you can’t win any prize when playing for free.

Free Slots vs Real Money Slots: A Basic Guide

Now that you know what the differences between these two types of slots are, we should mention the similarities. In most cases, every real money slot has a free version. There are just a few slot games found online that have just a free or just a real money version. This means that the features, the gameplay, the graphics, the matrix of reels and paylines – everything is the same.

Yet, there are many people who are still a little bit skeptical. They are wondering how players can be sure that the free play doesn’t give our more wins to encourage players to play for real money. Is it possible that some online casinos and slot software developers are tweaking free slots to trick players? This is a legitimate question because after all, the basic idea is to attract real money players.

Before we answer this question, we should mention the RNG – random number generator. This is actually a program that keeps creating random numbers. We are talking about a computer program or code that can create a few billion combinations in a second. With the help of these numbers, the slot places the symbols on the reels. Basically, the players are not affecting the outcome of their spins, these numbers are already determined by the Random Number Generator at the exact moment when the player clicks the spin button.

What does this have to do with the payout frequency in free slots and real money slots? Well, the RNG is the same for both types of slots or at least it should be. The program code can’t tell whether a player is playing for free or he or she is using real money. It just keeps creating numbers in order to provide the outcome after each spin. Whenever someone clicks the spin button the RNG creates a combination and that’s it. To put it in simple words, there is no difference between free slots and real money slots.

The fear of modified free slots is usually fueled by two things. For starters, it’s the human nature that makes us see things that are not there just because we think they are there. When you are not using real money, you won’t notice the non-winning spins. You won’t get very excited even when you are winning. But, the situation is different when you are using your money. Every non-winning spin will cause frustration and you will definitely remember and celebrate the winning spins. After all, that’s what makes real money so exciting and thrilling. The other thing is the presence of shady slots on the market.

Learn about slots software providers

Of course, in order to ensure that you are not fooled with free slots just to make you try the real money slots which will have lower payout frequencies, you must be careful where you are playing. First of all, you must use reputable online casinos and gambling websites where you can play online slots. Unfortunately, not all of them are the same and some of them are trying to scam their players. It would be good to read some reviews and testimonials before you join an online casino or gambling website. Stick to the casinos that have licenses issued by at least one reputable gambling authority. Typically, these licenses are issued by the Government of Curacao, the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

The next thing that you should take into account is the slots software provider. In the past, there were just a few providers of online slot games and it was easy to stay safe. Now, there are dozens of slot software developers and they have dozens of slot games in their offer making it a little bit difficult to do research. Once again, the most important thing is to stick to well-known brands that have many positive reviews and adequate licenses that can confirm that their work is completely legal.

It’s also good to mention that slot games, in general, are separated into two groups based on their payback percentage and payout frequency. First of all, there are online slots with small prizes and high frequency. Second, there are slots with large prizes and less payout frequency. Each of them comes with certain pros and cons and it is up to the player to choose the one that suits his needs.

We hope that this simple guide will help you learn the difference between free slots and real money slots.

One way of doing that is by becoming a casino affiliate where you setup a website focused on a topic within online casinos and join affiliate programs where you get 1 of 2 types of commissions available: revenue share commission or CPA which is cost per acquisition.

CPA rates can vary but are typically around $200 which is a single $200 payment for referring a single depositing player. If you refer 10 players then you’d be entitled to a $2000 commission. On revenue share you get a percentage of referred player’s losses which typically range around 20% to 30% on average.

8 Best Casino Affiliate Programs For CPA

Gambling webmasters probably earn some of the highest commissions online although like any industry, it has a lot of competition. For that reason, it’s a great way to earn money from home but not your only means.

If you learn more about the gambling industry, then you’ll be able to build a better skillset for freelancing if you wanted to do things like write reviews about online casinos or online slots. If you do this, these casino webmasters will pay around an average of $25 for a single article which is decent pay.

You can learn more and find slots affiliate programs on our webmaster page. 

With online casino gaming’s growing popularity, businesses would do well to consider investing in companies that feature prominently in the industry. A good example of such a company would be Net Entertainment (or more popularly known as NetEnt). Founded in 1996, the Sweden-based company is considered a pioneer in the online casino gaming industry. Pontus Lindwall started the company as an offshoot of Cherryföretagen AB (Cherry), a company founded in Sweden by his father Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundström. Two years after NetEnt’s founding, Cherry then managed to acquire a minority share in the company.

NetEnt: The Pioneering Years

In 2002, just a couple of years after its founding, the company launched its first trademarked product: NetEnt Casino. A year after that in 2003, the company’s sales and profitability saw a sharp increase thanks to its delivery of its Casino Modules to a number of customers in Sweden. 2004 saw the company increasing its visibility as it began deliveries of its Casino Modules to international clients. By 2005, NetEnt got its first license for its games and services from the Malta Gaming Authority.

Five years after it launched NetEnt Casino, the company finally spun off from Cherry and was immediately listed in the NGM Exchange. This was followed up in 2009 with the company getting into the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s main listing. By 2010, it released one of its most popular titles: Gonzo’s Quest. In that same year, NetEnt also received a Category 2 gaming license issued by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

Focus on Mobile and Expanding to other Markets

2011 saw NetEnt slowly shifting its focus on the growing popularity of mobile casino gaming as well as expanding to the newly regulated Italian market. The following year, the company found itself entering agreements with top online casino and sportsbook brands like Paddy Power and Boylesports. 2012 also saw the regulation of the Danish market with the company then proceeding to obtain certifications and securing customers who then launched a couple of its games.

Rapid Growth

From 2013 onwards is when NetEnt truly came into its own. With its casino games becoming more popular, the company continued to acquire new clients and enter new markets at a brisk pace. 2014 alone saw 31 new customer agreements with some of the top names in the industry. The year after that saw the company finding a place for its titles in the United States through New Jersey in addition to getting local licenses for its operations in the UK and Spain. In the past 3 years, the company has managed to enter regulated markets in Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czechia, Mexico, and British Columbia (gaming license). This period also saw the company doubling down on its mobile push with its adoption of HTML5 as well as the launch of its mobile live casino solution.

Investing in NetEnt

As mentioned earlier, now would be the best time to invest in NetEnt. If you somehow have access to the Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap then you’ll just need to look for the company’s ticker to see its share price and other information. As of this writing (March 17, 2018), the company’s share price is at 52.53 SEK. In terms of the company’s performance in the past year, it’s managed to increase its sales by 11.7% largely thanks to its entry of the Mexico, Czechia, and Serbia markets. As for its operating margin, the company has managed to top 36.1% in 2017. 2018 1st quarter numbers are also relatively good with the company reporting a 430 million SEK revenue with an operating profit of 134 million SEK and a margin of 31.2%. For investors, this translated to .61 (.48) SEK earnings per share (before and after diluted EPS).

Detailed Earnings Report

If they really want to delve into NetEnt’s earnings report, potential investors can try checking out the company’s website. The ‘Invest in Us’ section should have all the information potential investors need to make an informed decision. NetEnt uses this section to post its quarterly and yearly earnings reports as well as updates on events that may be of interest to investors. There is also a section which has up to date news that cover the company’s deals and milestones. As for potential investors who may want to get in touch with the company, it is possible to send queries to its investor relations email: [email protected]

Does NetEnt have slots available for American players?

A majority of the States in the United States consider online casino gambling illegal. With that said, there are States like New Jersey and New York that do allow this activity. It is through the casinos in these states that players can then try out NetEnt’s online slots. Just as recently as April 2018, the company managed to complete a deal with the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The customer agreement will have the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino serving as the distributor of the company’s online casino games (a majority of which are video slots). Of course, the distribution of these casino games will be confined to the new land based casino owned and managed by Hard Rock International in New Jersey.

Prior to this 2018 deal, NetEnt also managed to introduce its portfolio of casino games to the United States through an agreement with IGT. This deal was a patent cross-license agreement with PGT that was consummated in 2015. Through this, the company was able to offer titles that had game features found in IGT’s patent portfolio.

Of course, it’s not just the United States market that NetEnt is interested in. Other countries in the Americas have also been targeted by the company as part of its expansion in the continent. In the same year that the company signed the cross-license agreement with IGT, it managed to obtain a license as a supplier in British Columbia, Canada. This allowed the company to supply the British Columbia Lottery Corporation with its casino games. Aside from Canada, the company has also signed a license agreements with operators in Mexico. The company started supplying casino games to Codere’s online casino network back in 2017 and followed it up with a similar deal with Caliente’s in 2018.

VR Slots Pioneers

NetEnt first showcased a VR slot at ICE Totally Gaming 2016. On the company’s 20th year, it provided a working VR slot demo of Jack’s VR World, a title which was based off of its Jack and the Beanstalk slot. At ICE Totally Gaming 2017, the company introduced another VR slot title to the market. Whereas the Jack’s VR World slot was just a demo, this VR slot was heralded as the first real-money VR slot game in the market. Based off of another of the company’s popular titles, Gonzo’s Quest VR is expected to be available on NetEnt’s platforms by the summer of 2018. As for concerns that not all players might be able to enjoy the title since it’s on VR, the company has addressed this by developing the slot using WebVR. This technology makes it possible for players who don’t have personal computers or phones with beefy specifications to still enjoy simple VR apps on their web browsers.

Commitment to Quality and Fairness

In the 20+ years that it has been around, NetEnt has managed to accumulate one of the most impressive portfolios of casino games in the industry. In fact, a number of the titles that it developed over the years like Gonzo’s Quest, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Starburst have become staples of online casinos worldwide. While most companies are content to develop cookie cutter casino games by the dozen that follow overused themes, the company has always gone the opposite route. Instead, it has made sure that the titles that it puts out are always of the highest quality not just in terms of aesthetics but also gameplay-wise.

Aside from its quality control, NetEnt also ensures that the titles it develops all pass the standards set by regulators in the jurisdictions where they’re licensed. It is perhaps this commitment to developing a fair yet still enjoyable and rewarding titles that has endeared the company to players around the world.

Manageable Risks

Of course, there are still risks involved when investing with NetEnt. The company itself acknowledges this in a page on its website. With that said, risks are to be expected when investing in any company on any industry. What makes investing in this particular company rewarding though, might be the fact that the online casino gambling industry is looking at brighter days ahead. The industry is slowly maturing but technological advancements (especially in VR) and opportunities in large markets (the US Supreme Court’s ruling on the legality of sports betting) could herald further growth. If you want a higher chance of getting a return on your investments then you ought to take a serious look into directing them at NetEnt.

Live casinos have become really popular in recent times and many people are either switching to live casino games rather than traditional online casino games simply because of the fact that it makes them more immersed in the online casino experience. This new form of online gambling entertainment has drawn in an incredible audience and the player base of these online casinos has been growing rapidly ever since companies started introducing this new form of play. From live online roulette, to live blackjack, and live poker, the live online experience definitely adds something special that hasn’t been felt before in the sphere of online casinos.

When observing these casinos, it is important to look at the game providers that they use so that we can make a good assessment of what their services will be like. Different providers have different advantages and disadvantages, and no doubt some providers are better than others. Today we’re going to look at the list of some of the most popular online live casino providers as well as what some of their strong suits are as well as exploring some of their weaknesses if it so happens that we stumble upon any.

Evolution Gaming

This live game provider had its debut back in 2006. Their reputation grew rapidly and today they’re regarded as one of the most successful game developers and providers. They set an example for most other software providers. They focus not only on the features of the games themselves, but also on expanding their business so that they have a massive repertoire of tables, dedicated client tables, and dealers. They aren’t limited to the world of online play, but also have their own casino tables in real life. Some casinos in Romania, Malta, and England offer players to use the Evolution Gaming tables to play on the online platform while enjoying the casino atmosphere.

What they offer is basically a product, or rather a number of different products that all follow the same standards that the company has set up for itself. They look to incorporate very fast loading times and a user-friendly interface that isn’t hard to master and offers the player a good experience without the frustration that some other providers might induce with a bad game and interface design. Their insistence on speed doesn’t end with the loading times as they try to make their product available to all connections while still providing services without any lagging or bugs. They succeed in doing this and even offer all of this in full HD resolution.

They have won several awards including the Live Casino Supplier of the Year at eight different occasions since 2010, making them the reigning and uninterrupted champion of software development and provision. They are the pick of many popular online casinos including the insanely popular 888 Casino which uses their live games to power their platform.

With a very impressive license base, a complete dedication to live dealer gaming, TV quality full HD streaming, tolerance of lower connection speeds, non-stop availability 24/7, browser implementation and support, variety in the atmospheres when it comes to the tables, smartphone support, good transparency practises, and great regulations and licencing, there isn’t much negative to say about this software provider.


Coming right behind Evolution Gaming when it comes to popularity, Playtech has made quite a name for itself ever since its formation in 1999. They operate three studios, one in Latvia, another one in Romania, and one in Asia in the Philippines. With this geographical positioning, they cater to both European and Asian players at the same time which makes their business model one of the most successful ones in the business. They now have over a thousand employees that provide some stellar live dealer games and you can expect a lot out of them and their services.

It speaks for itself when one of the biggest betting sites in the world, bet365, is one of the licensed casinos able to run this game. Other than this one, there is also Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, BetFred, Betfair, William Hill, and Defabet. The regulating bodies of this company and its services are located in the Isle of Man, the UK, and the Philippines. With this many gambling commissions behind the provider, it’s truly one of the better regulated ones on the market at this moment.

They have a great operating history and are well respected in the world of online casinos. Their games are browser based as most successful providers’ games are. They also offer a wide range of games including blackjack, roulette, baccarat and its variations, sicbo, many poker variations, and more. The resolution is also on the high-end when it comes to streaming though there are sometimes bugs when it comes to the audio and video though these aren’t that common at all.

They have many different ambiences that the players can choose from which allows for the ultimate customization of the player experience when they sit down at the live dealer table. They are also very secure and offer their services as one of the most secure ones available. Speaking of the availability, they work with so many employees that they can host their live dealer tables 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


This software provider has been operating since 1994, so they have a long history which is filled with amazing statistics. They were actually the first ones to pay out a jackpot larger than a million dollars, and up to today they have paid out more than 465 million euros worth of jackpots. They have more than 800 online games available for their traditional gaming fans and more than 225 games for mobile devices as well. While they have this impressive history in traditional online casinos, Microgaminig hasn’t exactly been one of the best at capitalizing on the fast growth of live online dealer games.

In fact, they started in 2006 with live baccarat after which they’ve slowly started expanding this field of gaming. Some speculate that this slow approach was aimed at making sure that they make their entry onto the live dealer game podium right without any hiccups as to maintain their highly regarded status as one of the best in the business. Nowadays, they have expanded their gaming options and offer live roulette, live blackjack, and even live hold’em.

While you might notice that they have gone for the very sexy approach with some of their dealers, it is also the case that some of the interactions in their live online games have felt a bit unnatural. It’s almost as if the dealers have to follow very strict guidelines and this prevents them from feeling more authentic. If it’s any consolation, at least you get to look at some busty babes dressed in bunny costumes.

Their studio is located in Toronto, Canada and they have licences from the UK Gambling Commission, as well as the Isle of Man GSC. They operate on several online casinos including Platinum Play, Royal Vegas, and Dublinbet. The number of tables that they offer isn’t as plentiful as the more popular providers at only 20-50 tables being available at any given time.

Extreme Live Gaming

A fairly new arrival to the live dealer gaming genre, the company was founded back in 2013. After only a year of operations, they were acquired by a gaming giant based in Austria called Novomatic Group which had massive revenues that year reaching almost two billion euros. The company then received heavy investments from Novomatic Group as they saw the potential that it had with its live dealer casino games.

They put so much into this business that they’ve even managed to open up a studio in London, something that’s not seen very often in the world of live dealer games. Usually, the dealer tables and studios are based in lower living standard countries which dramatically cuts the wages needed to be paid out to their workers, but it arguably also gives us less skilled dealers who usually sport some kind of accent.

While they don’t offer an insane number of tables, they still give quite a good choice given the fact that the studio’s location is in London of all places. And since they were ready to dish out money when it came to the physical location of the game provider, they weren’t shy about spending money on improving the gaming quality as well. Because of this, we saw online casinos such as Leo Vegas, Mr Green, Betvictor, Betsson, and Grosvenor becoming licensees as they couldn’t miss out on the high-quality content and entertainment.

On top of all this, they even offer live streaming of tables from brick and mortar casinos with a Gibraltar casino being the first one to take up the offer. The provider has also been audited by the eCOGRA who have determined that their platforms are safe and secure. They also like to receive feedback from their customers on how they can improve their games which is always a welcome sign in the world of online casino gaming.

What's the deal on live dealers?

In this article, we have covered only some of the most popular online live casino gaming providers, but there are many more that we haven’t mentioned which are also prominent in the field. Providers such as Net Entertainment, Media Live Casino, Opus Gaming, Portomase Gaming, Visionary iGaming, and Ezugi are all on the rise because of the rapid success of live online gambling which doesn’t seem like it’ll slow down any time in the near future. If you still haven’t given this form of online gaming a try, then you should definitely consider some of the providers from this list and give them a go and see if you like it. With how these providers treat their customers, you simply can’t go wrong.

Sky Bet cops £1M Fine – are these UKGC fines counterproductive and do they discourage companies from self reporting their violations and being ethical?

About a month ago, the sports betting division of Sky Betting & Gaming was fined £1m by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. According to the commission, Sky Bet was unable to protect their vulnerable clients.

The main focus of their investigation was placed on self-excluded Sky Bet members. It turned out that over 700 self-excluded users had no problems opening another account and start gambling right away. In addition, thousands of self-excluded members also received promotional materials via text messages, emails and mobile app and a significant number of them could not withdraw their account balance funds.

According to UKGC officials, this is the first penalty like this in the United Kingdom and the amount is selected just as a warning. They added that their next penalties in case something like this happens in the future will be much higher. The commission has pledged to take care of customers’ protection. The good news is that Sky Bet has addressed these problems right away and they have taken this penalty seriously guaranteeing that something like this won’t happen in the future.

The company had an official announcement in which they have described these problems as an accident. They have also pointed out that they didn’t have any intention to make a profit from self-excluded customers. Additionally, they will take steps to protect these customers even more in the future. All these things say a lot about the professionalism of this company and the seriousness of UKGC, but there is a backside of the story that has triggered many debates.

Should betting and gaming companies report their mistakes?

One of the most controversial issues about Sky Bet’s fine is that, according to some sources, Sky Bet actually disclosed their own violations and mistakes, but they were still got a massive fine. In the last year, UKGC has penalized many casinos and bookmakers. Some of them like Ladbrokes Coral was fined over rogue bets. 888, the famous gambling firm has to pay almost £8million for inadequate care of vulnerable customers. Unclear communication of services, misleading advertising, lack of money laundering protection – these are some other reasons for fining used by UKGC.

But, just like in the case of Sky Bet, some of these cases were reported by the gambling companies themselves. Still, the UKGC thought that it’s the best idea to fine these companies. Many industry experts believe that these fines are counter-intuitive and discouraging for gambling operators. This is quite logical because why these operates would report their own mistakes and errors knowing they are going to be fined so brutally by the UKGC. Instead of doing that, they will probably focus on attempts to cover up their mistakes and violations.

Of course, it all depends on the case, but generally speaking, the UKGC should respect the decisions of companies who have alerted them on their own. After analyzing these mistakes and confirming that they’ve made honest mistakes, they should be warned or fined lightly.

As most casino enthusiasts already know, progressive jackpots can prove to be the most rewarding games to play. This is because the jackpot amount is never a set value, but instead it progresses at an unpredictable pace. The steady progression happens when player wagers are added to the total prize total, increasing the payout amount after each play. Although the majority of progressive casino games are based on luck, there are measures to improve your chances of winning a progressive jackpot payout.

winning progressive jackpots

Let's take a look at how you can win a progressive jackpot and what you need to know in order to better your chances.

How Progressive Jackpot Games Work

First things first! Before players can play progressive games to win real cash, they would benefit from better understanding how these games work. An exact percentage determined by the casino is tallied up and added to the jackpot amount. This percentage is from the casino's profit and is immediately added to the winnings before the round begins. As progressive casino games are such a popular attraction, the casino will usually offer an extensive range of games to choose from, and all the jackpots are accumulated in the same manner. In order to unlock the progressive jackpot, you would need to land on the highest paying combination in the game.

Choosing a Progressive Jackpot Game

Some prefer a less strategic game than that of an advanced poker player for example, whereas others may prefer a game of complete chance, such as slots. No matter the player's preference, it is always beneficial to identify which casino games are better enjoyed and then pursuing those games. This is generally due to the amount of time a player spends on trying to acquire the jackpot payout. To enjoy the game is to allow time to pass quickly as well as increase the player's chances of winnings. For each deposit made, the payout increases which increases your chances of hitting a higher payout.

What do I do when I Have Chosen the Progressive Jackpot Game that I Like?

Many players that are new to progressive games will ask what they should do after they have found the perfect progressive game. The answer is a simple one, practice! Even though there is no way to determine the outcome of a game and no definite way in which one can beat the system, there are ways that can better your chance of winning. Free casino games are the perfect example to use here. Free poker, video slots and other games that offer a progressive jackpot can be played repeatedly to better familiarise yourself with how the game functions. This creates an element of surety and confidence, enhancing your chances of winning and granting you the kind of knowledge that can only be gained through experience.

A Simple Strategy: Bet Small then Go Big

Many players bet large when they first initiate the game. This depletes funds faster and in turn diminishes the length of time you spend on one game. It is advisable to players that are new to progressive casino games to begin with smaller bets and progress to higher bets later on. Even though the payouts will not be as rewarding as making higher wagers, your game time will be extended and thus increasing your knowledge of how the game works, what the various bet amounts are and when to bet large or when to bet small. Even though progressive jackpots are based mostly on luck, you can turn the odds in your favour.

Which Games Offer Progressive Jackpots?

Although most casino players are familiar with progressive slots there are also other progressive jackpot games that can be enjoyed. Poker and bingo are amongst some of the top progressive games and although they are perhaps not as fast paced as slots, the payouts can be just as rewarding.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

One of the most appealing features of progressive jackpots is that there are three kinds, leaving you with an abundance to choose from. The first option is a stand-alone machine. This is not linked up to any other progressive jackpots and solely receives its jackpot amount from player wagers on that particular game. The second, which is slightly more popular due to the higher jackpot amounts, is in-house progressives which are also known as proprietary progressive machines. These progressive jackpots are games or machines that are linked to one another and share one massive jackpot amount. For each and every wager made on any of these machines, the percentage appointed by the casino is added to one jackpot total that is accessible by landing one of the highest winning combinations. The final type of progressive jackpot is known simply as progressives. Many casinos link up selected games to and feature the same game across the board. These are the most popular forms of progressive jackpots as players who land winning combos are guaranteed higher payouts.

To better your chances of winning, it is recommended that the jackpot total amount be taken into consideration.

The Higher the Bet, The Higher the Payout

paytable mega fortune jackpot slot

Once all the above has been exercised that leaves you feeling sure and confident, it would then be time to consider options that offer immediate rewards. By betting max, you are immediately rewarded with the payouts upon landing a winning combination. The lower the bet amount, the lower the payout. The trick is to ensure that your budget is spent wisely. Bet large to win big and bet smaller if you can't afford eating into your bankroll too quickly.

Progressive jackpot games are truly one of the most rewarding casino games around, and regardless if luck is needed to win any one of these, there is always a way you can turn the tables by practicing beforehand. By becoming familiar with a progressive game, knowing when to bet maximum and knowing when to hold off, is all that is really needed to win a life changing jackpot amount!

The most exciting online video slots to play in 2018

Video slots have become some of the most popular and exciting form of slots games for online casino players throughout world. Thanks to advancements in technology, online casino slots have become fantastically enthralling. They’re now played for entertainment purposes and are fun and lively - video slots can often play like a video game. Only, unlike video games, video slots and online slots can help you win huge jackpots.

There have been countless stories of ordinary online casino players who have hit the big time playing on video slots online. Video slots offer players the chance to win tens of thousands of dollars, what other hobbies are there out there that offer you the chance to actually win money?

Online slots and video slots are constantly evolving and becoming more exciting - it really is a golden generation in slots games and online casinos in general. Online casinos are currently investing so much into their games in order to make them as aesthetically pleasing and as fun to play as possible.

So without further ado, here are the top five most exciting video slot games to play in 2018.

Raging Rhino

Raging Rhino slot

Raging Rhino is set within the mysterious wilds of Central Africa with the native African Rhino playing a large part in the gameplay. As you’re playing this slot, be prepared to encounter a variety of other animals native to the African wilderness such as crocodiles and gorillas. 

However, if you want to win big then the raging rhino is the animal that you want to see on your screen. The Raging Rhino symbol combined with wild symbols can lead to some extremely large wins. 

Tip: Be patient. Raging Rhino is a high variance game so for those big jackpots, you must bide your time and stick at it.

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf slot

This video slot is based on the children’s tale of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. In this take, the three little worker pigs do battle against the wolf as they look to stop him from blowing their houses down.

In a twist to the tale, however, you are on the side of the wolf in this video slot. Blowing down the house will mean free spins and multipliers so sorry little piggies but the big bad wolf is coming to eat you.

Tip: Collect Moon symbols for free spins and multipliers.

Book of Dead

Book of Dead slot

Get ready to immerse yourself into the sights and sounds of ancient Egypt now. Book of Dead is based on the ancient Egyptian book of the same name. Iris and Anubis symbols will give you that Ancient Egyptian feeling as you play this video slot.

The most important symbol in the game for the player is the black Book of the Dead which acts as both the wild and the scatter – three of them visible will activate the free spins. Book of Dead is one of the best looking video slots out there and due to its medium level of variance, you will not have to play for too long before you are rewarded with some free spins and juicy jackpots.

Tip: Keep playing to find out the secrets of Ancient Egypt.

Fruit Warp

Fruit Warp slot

Fruit Warp is unlike other video slots in the fact that it does not have any paylines or ways. In Fruit Warp, nine fruits will appear suspended in the air, if three or more of a single fruit appear, you win. 

The developer of this particular video slot is Thunderkick who have applied a similar concept as featured in Fruit Warp to several more of their games.

Truly, Fruit Warp is unlike any other video slot that you have likely played before. Try it out, you will not be disappointed.

Tip: Cherries are your friends.

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo's Quest slot

Gonzo’s Quest contains almost every video slot feature there is and it is easy to see why it became one of the first ever virtual reality slots games. 

Gonzo’s Quest is set centuries in the past, on a ship captained by Captain Gonzo. Explore shipwrecks, encounter mystical sea creatures and attempt to hit the jackpot on one of NetEnt’s most popular video slots. 

Tip: Generous scoring structure will ensure that when you are rewarded, that reward will be very worthwhile.

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, players may want to celebrate by logging in to their online casinos. Thankfully, a lot of online casino brands offer special bonuses and promotions to commemorate this special day. With that said, not all bonuses and promotions offered on this day are created equal. If they’re not careful, players might end up taking a bonus offer with unreasonable rates or terms. Not only will this put a damper on their celebration for that day, it could also hurt them financially down the road. With this in mind, here are a couple of reminders/tips that discerning players would do well to not disregard if they’d like to enjoy their online casinos’ St. Patrick’s Day Bonuses. 

Research goes a long way

As with regular bonuses, players would do well to first check on the fine print of a St. Patrick’s Day bonus that they may be eyeing. While most brands have relatively reasonable wagering requirements (30x), there could be unscrupulous online casinos that wouldn’t hesitate take advantage of the day. Other than wagering requirements, discerning players would do well to check on the duration of these bonuses and promotions. Some might be only good for the day while others could stretch for the whole month. 

Turn to reputable online casino brands

While there’s no doubt that it is helpful, researching for St. Patrick’s Day Bonuses can be time consuming. Players who might be pressed for time can instead opt to limit their research to online casino brands that have already established themselves in the industry. In this manner, players wouldn’t have to worry about looking up the credentials of unknown online casinos who may also be offering bonuses for that day.

st patricks casino bonuses

If they’re unfamiliar with the top online casino brands, players can try checking out independent casino gaming portals. Sites like Casino Bonuses Now and ThePOGG usually have a list of recommended online casinos that players can reference. In some instances, these sites will also have their own posts about the St. Patrick’s Day Casino Bonuses offered by online casinos they’ve reviewed (or recommended).

Some Recommendations

For players who may not want to go through the trouble of conducting research, here are some St. Patrick’s Day Bonuses from a couple of reputable online casinos.

  • CasinoLuck is one of the most underrated online casinos around. Casinoluck offers free spins and it is really the best casino to play at on St. Patrick's Day. 
  • LVBet is another online casino that’s worth checking out thanks to its St. Patrick’s Day promotion. Dubbed St. Patrick’s Gold, this promotion will have players choosing between 25% and 50% reload bonuses with maximum amounts to be matched set at €/£200 and €/£50 respectively. In addition, players will also get 500 and 150 free spins (for NetEnt’s Finn and the Swirly Spin video slot) depending on the reload bonus they’ll choose.
  • All Irish Casino is another brand that players might want to visit for their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Surprisingly though, the online casino has yet to offer a dedicated bonus or promotion for the special day. With that said, it’s still worth mentioning here for players who happen to enjoy Irish-themed online casinos. 

People ask us where we get our online slots RTP data and we get the majority of it from ThePOGG has industry connections with many online casinos and many of the online casino software providers. They sometimes have exclusive access to RTP data that can't be found anywhere else online. What's great about ThePOGG's slots listings is their filters where you can search for slot games and select a range of RTP values. So if you are a player that wants only the higest RTP slots you can search for a range of 98 to 100 in the RTP boxes and search. Likewise you can also search for games that have 85% or lower RTP and this will give you a list of the worst slots that exist and ones you shouldn't play at all. Players can use the search filters to find slots by RTP values here

online slots by thepogg

RTP & House Edge Explained

RTP stands for Return To Player and the inverse of that is House Edge which is sometimes listed as just HE. Here are a few examples to explain how they all work.

  • An RTP of 95% represents a house edge of 5%
  • An RTP of 97% represents a house edge of 3%
  • An RTP of 90.5% represents a house edge of 9.5%

Using the 95% RTP example this means that for every $1 wagered, the player retains 95% of that bet on average or the house gains 5% of that bet on average. So if a player wagers $1 on a slot and does this 5 times, they will have wagered $5 and they should have on average $4.75 and the house edge associated should have accumulated $0.25. 

The slots ratings really come in handy for players that want to know what games have higher house edges so they can avoid them. The lower the house edge, the better as it means you'll lose less on average. Most online slots have an RTP of 96% to 97% where 98% and higher is rare and 95% and lower are games players should really avoid. 

online slots RTP search

Online Slots vs Land Based Slots

Players might not know this but online slots behave very differently than the slots you see at land based casinos. For starters, there are many online slots softwares that make slot games exclusively for online casinos and you won't find their slots at any landbased casino. Likewise there are some slots manufacturers that produce slot games and don't make them online at all. There are other companies that do both and these are companies like Novomatic or IGT

Tips For Playing Slots Online

These tips can help you earn a bit more money and also stop you from losing too much of it as well.

  • Avoid pop culture & movie themed slots: Avoid movie themed slots including ones of game shows and popular cult figures including music and band themed slots. These slots have to pay royalties for the user of their name and characters so this means the slot will naturally have a higher built in house edge.
  • Play the maximum number of coins: You'll want to ensure you are getting the max jackpot. Some progressive slots won't pay out if you are not wagering with max coins. 

Slots Terminology & Glossary

There are many words, phrases and acronyms used for talking about slots and online slots and we explain them as best as we can here including the common ones you might see.

  • Variance - variance in a slot game is used to talk about the swings you can get. So for example a slot game with a high variance might mean you'll lose most of your bets frequently but you'll compensate them for a large win. A game with a lower variance means you won't get these extreme results and you'll slowly lose your money to the house edge but on average players would say your gameplay lasts longer on lower variance slots.
  • Reels - reels are the columns you have on a slot game. Typically slots are either 3 reels, also known as classic or are 5 reels, also referred to as video slots
  • Classic slots - these are usually referring to 3 reel slots
  • Video slots - these are usually referring to 5 reel slots
  • Progressive slots - these are slot games that have a jackpot that accumulates either over time or by the number of bets the game receives where a portion of the wager is sent to a pot where one lucky winner could hit it
  • Progressive Jackpots - same as progressive slots


Last October 23, 2017 saw NetEnt’s release of the Planet of the Apes video slot. In association with 20th Century Fox, the company , the company released the premium to much fanfare as the latest premium title in its already formidable portfolio. The video slot is based off of the hugely popular Planet of the Apes franchise and incorporates elements from two of its latest films: Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

NetEnt Planet Of The Apes

2 Reels in One

What’s great about Planet of the Apes is its unique design and rewarding gameplay features. The video slot has two play areas that both have 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 betting lines. Each play area has different symbols and special features that integrate elements and characters from the movies they are based on. The play area on the left uses characters from Rise of the Planet of the Apes as inspiration for its symbols. As for the symbols on the right play area, these are derived from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ main characters.

Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Played Before

When it comes to gameplay features, players will undoubtedly enjoy what Planet of the Apes has to offer. Both the Rise and Dawn play areas provide players with their own free spins, Wilds symbols, Scatters, and Stacked Wilds. Other than this, the video slot also has a Dual Feature that would allow for greater winnings through a temporary transfer of symbols between the two play areas.

Banking on the Planet of the Apes Franchise’s Marketability

NetEnt Chief Product Officer Simon Hammon noted that the company was confident that the Planet of the Apes video slot won’t disappoint players and fans alike. The company had purportedly invested time and resources on the video slot for months. Employing the top experts in the industry, the company had wanted to create a title that did justice to one of the most popular intellectual properties in the past half a century. Hammon noted that the quality of this new title further strengthens the company’s already impressive portfolio of casino games. In addition, he pointed out that operators would do well to get the title on their platforms right away.

The value for an operator with this 50-year series of films is the loyal audience that spans over generations -- meaning it has the potential to attract a broad range of players.

Worth Trying Out

As of this writing, Planet of the Apes has been around for close to a month and has been warmly accepted by players the world over. Operators who are using NetEnt casino gaming software have also wasted no time in getting the title on their online casinos’ libraries. Thanks to this, the video slot is now readily available on numerous online casino brands. Players who want to try it out could check online casinos such as King Billy Casino, SlotsMillion, Bob Casino, Argo Casino, and many more.

What is chase the ace?

chase the ace lotto

Chase the Ace is a wildly popular lottery game that has taken over the town of eastern Canada by storm. This unique Canadian lottery traces its root back in 2013 and every year it brings an overwhelming gambling fever in this eastern province. 

Last summer the gates of heaven opened and showered a woman with $2.9 million jackpot after several months of bulging. This year (2017) the twitch has spread to St John's and it highly anticipated the skyrocketing jackpot amount will crack the $1 million mark. The fire seems to be spreading and with the voguish nature of this lottery, there are no signs of cooling down any soon.

History of Chase the Ace

The idea of Chase the Ace was copied by the Noel community from an Inuvik fundraiser to collect fund for the installation of their field’s floodlights. The community was the first to acquire the license for this lottery in the province of Nova Scotia and their debut jackpot amount was $209, 752.50. 
Buoyed by the success of the pioneers, other people started pursuing the license for the game and by September 2015, approximately 300 licenses had been issued. In the summer of 2015, a lottery in Inverness, Nova Scotia which had been only active for less than a year had accumulated a huge amount. This lottery was drawing an unimaginable crowd that was approximately 10 times this town’s population thereby requiring an extra car parking, venue, and extra mobile towers. 
In May 2016, a Chase the Ace game in Nova Scotia recorded significant participation and reached the highest jackpot ever, $2.6 million with only 5 cards remaining in the deck. The jackpot amount was won by Kathy McPherson on 7th May 2016.

How chase the ace works

The Chase the Ace lottery has simple rules. Every week participants buy lottery tickets which are entered into the weekly draw. Each week one ticket is drawn from the pot and the winner walks away with 20% of the total jackpot amount. Half of the amount is ploughed back to the parish, whereas the remaining amount (30%) is put into a bulging jackpot. 

The weekly winner is given the opportunity to draw a card from the standard 52 deck. If they pull the ace, they end up winning the total jackpot amount. Otherwise, the shrinking deck is reserved for the coming week. As time goes by, the odds are narrowed and the jackpot amount keeps on increasing. 
This record breaking million dollar game has won the hearts of many people. It has been 40 weeks since the current game began and chances of winning are growing higher and higher. With only 12 cards in the deck, and the jackpot standing at $697,416 (as of Monday), excitement is brimming in Gould’s. People are waking up as early as 06:00 local time to secure their tickets.
The potentially record breaking jackpot amount has seen the organizers set up two location for participants to check if they hold the winning ticket. In addition, more police officers have been deployed to control the crowds and the traffic. Moreover, new cell blocks have been put up to boost the deteriorating cell phone connectivity in the region. (LCB) has been around since 2006 and they have got good at catching online casinos using fake or stolen casino games. They found one casino called Burnbet and discovered fake games and all sorts of problems but things went from bad to worse when one of their reps implied death threats to the team at LCB. 

You can read the full article here:

Burnbet is a casino we definitely wouldn't take the time to review as we try to not include any low quality casinos on SlotsRoom. But having a quick look at Burnbet casino we can see they are a sportsbook and online casino. They are listed as being licensed in Curacao and contain the following information in their footer explaining their company and gaming license.

Company is registered with trade name: Yucatan Gaming N.V., E-Commerce Park Vredenberg in Curacao with registration number: 141882. is licensed by the Government of Curacao Commission with has been granted License No. 8048/JAZ2016-074. The company has head office in United KIngdom: Yukatan Ltd, B1 Business Centre, Suite 206, Davyfield Road, Blackburn, Lancashire, England, BB1 2QY with registration number: 09989535

We see no other casinos using this license and they did a small spelling error of United Kingdom. They supposedly are taking players in the United Kingdom without a gaming license from the UKGC which is another warning sign that players should stay far away from this casino. They list Bitcoin as one of the payment methods which doesn't make it a bad casino on that merit alone, but adding everything else it shows this is how they are probably circumventing payments received from players in the UK. Certainly they wouldn't have access to Skrill or Neteller for UK players but they are probably using credit cards like Visa and MasterCard to achieve this. 

So let's examine whom said what from Burnbet to LCB team:

It's quite clear there is a person from Slovenia sending out these messages and they have done a poor job of trying to cover their tracks. They didn't hide their IP address and location which was rookie mistake number one. Doing so would have made it tougher to identify where the messages came from but now their messages are something that can be taken to authorities as they have their IP address exposed plus are using some gmail address. In short, everything is highly trackable.

Fake games at Burnbet

Everything all started from Burnbet using fake games and were hoping to get promoted at LCB but unfortunately Burnbet are joining a growing list of casinos that are launching and using stolen games. You can see how LCB team are detecting the stolen games which analyzes the data coming from the browser and understanding that the stolen games are in no way connected to the software provider in question. One giveaway is the use of Marvel slots by Playtech which have been discontinued so this was an easy one to spot.

Report on stolen games from Burnbet by LCB:

For players it's always good to check casino reviews to see if a casino is legit or not. You can do any google search to see but don't just assume that all positive reviews from casino portals are legit as some could always be paid for. Always check the rogue casino list or blacklisted casinos from sites like LCB to know if the casino in question is worth playing at or not.


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December is usually a time for companies to give back the people that contributed to their success: their customers. This is the case for online casinos too. In fact, a lot of players eagerly look forward to this specific month of the year because of the numerous Christmas Casino Promotions that they’ll get to enjoy. With that said, how do you go about looking for the right promotions? With so many online casinos in operation today, is there a way to determine which of them are offering seasonal promotions? And if there was a way of doing so, will it be safe for any interested casino player to use? xmas casino bonuses

Looking for Casinos with Christmas Promotions

While there are numerous ways of coming across Christmas Casino Promotions, the safest would have to be consulting a known and reputable casino gaming portal. Casino Bonuses Now is one particular site that currently has an up-to-date list of online casinos that are offering Christmas-themed bonuses. The online casino gaming portal has been around for quite some time now and is fairly popular to players who are looking for casino bonuses regardless of the time of year. Its main draw has been its extensive listing of online casinos and the corresponding bonuses or promotions that these online casinos might be running. Typically it's the slots games that are available for bonus play like free spins.

Safety and Security

Now, you’re probably asking, is this online casino gaming portal (or the casinos that it lists) safe? In a nutshell, yes. Not only does Casino Bonuses Now conducts its own casino reviews, the site also makes use of the reviews and audits conducted by For those unfamiliar with the site, it’s also an online casino gaming portal that is respected for its fair and balanced reviews. The casinos and promotions that players will find on Casino Bonuses Now are guaranteed to be safe and secure. And in the event that a player does encounter an issue with a particular online casino (or its promotion), he/she can ask for help from ThePOGG through its ADR/dispute mediation service.

Other stuff to remember

So is that all there is to finding the best Christmas Casino promotions online? Well, not quite. A lot of the promotions are timed (at least those found on Casino Bonuses Now) and would usually expire after a couple of hours or days. These would then be usually replaced by other casinos that might then be offering promotions. In these instances, might want to check out the Christmas Casino Advent Calendar list on the Casino Bonuses Now forum instead. This is a complete list of the online casinos that are currently running Christmas-themed bonuses and promotions. Players can then just click on the name of the online casino with promotions they’d like to visit so they can start enjoying their bonuses. Of course, Casino Bonuses Now isn’t the only online casino gaming portal that has this kind of service. It’s possible that there are other sites that may have a more extensive list or even access to marginally better promotions. However, none of these can offer the security and safety that you’ll find with Casino Bonuses Now. So if you’re an online casino player looking to enjoy and be rewarded this Christmas season, don’t hesitate to check out this casino gaming portal’s Christmas Casino Bonuses Advent Calendar. Check out

Having already played a ton of the Jimi Hendrix video slot, I had high expectations of the last title in the NetEnt Rocks series: Motörhead. The video slot is a tribute to one of the most underrated heavy metal bands in music history. A lot of people associate heavy or thrash metal with bands like Metallica or Megadeth. What these people don’t know though was that these bands couldn’t have achieved the success they enjoyed were it not for Motörhead’s trailblazing work in the late 70s. Aside from being innovators and pioneers, the band was also known to make songs that centered on gambling. In fact, one of their earliest hits was a song titled Ace of Spades (which was also a track in the album of the same name). So how was the video slot’s gameplay like?

Motorhead slot: Rewarding

There aren’t many video slots that can boast of being enjoyable and rewarding at the same time. The Motörhead video slot is an exception to this. It has a unique 5-reel format that allows for 76 betting lines. In addition to these pay lines, the slot also boasts of Mystery Reels and a Bomber Feature that are designed to be rewarding for players. For every a spin a player makes during the regular game, he/she can expect to have at least 1 Mystery Reel. What’s great about this feature is that the Mystery Symbols on these reels will usually turn into regular symbols (except Scatters). As for the Bomber Feature, this usually activates randomly before a spin. When in effect, the player will be given at least 10 mystery symbols. Once these symbols are in place, the slot will then start spinning. Like with Mystery Reels, all mystery symbols in the Bomber Feature will turn into regular symbols after the spin. Other than these the video slot also has special features such as Free Spins and Wild substitutions that further reward anyone who chooses to play.

Visuals and the soundtrack are great!

Another feature of the Motörhead video slot that makes it enjoyable to play is its visuals and background music. Like other titles in the NetEnt Rocks series, this video slot has an intro that’s sure to make Motörhead fans wax nostalgic and regular players feel hyped. This intro is of the band playing Ace of Spades live and was directly taken from the their “The World Is Ours” DVD. After this, the player is also given the option to play 3 other Motörhead songs during the main game by clicking on the Rock Mode toggle button. As for the graphics, they might be in 2D but they perfectly complement the aesthetic of the band. The symbols also reference a lot of the bands songs (e.g. Ace of Spades for the Wild symbol).

A must-play!

Overall, I really liked how the NetEnt was able to bring something new to the table with the Motörhead video slot. Similar to how I felt before I played the Jimi Hendrix slot, I was quite apprehensive that the company would somehow butcher the band’s name. Thankfully, they were able to do more than just justify the existence of this video slot. Like when the band first came out in the 1970s, I’ve no doubt that NetEnt has also broken new ground with the video slot’s enjoyable gameplay and rewarding features.

Click here for the Motorhead slot review

Last August 3, 2016, the site known as CasinoBonusesToday announced that it was relaunching and rebranding as CasinoBonusesNow. Aside from the new name, the site boasts of new features that would undoubtedly benefit both its old and new users. Care to know what these features are?

Improvements In User Experience Design

The first thing that users will notice once they access CasinoBonusesNow is the site’s improved aesthetics. The site is now organized better and as a result, is also cleaner looking. With the new layout, it now won’t be as complicated for users to look for a specific casino/s or casino game/s (thanks to the site’s inclusion of bonus and game filters). Aside from the filters, the site also has a new menu that categorizes casinos based on their available bonuses/promotions.

This focus on user experience design is a part of CasinoBonusesNow’s goal of becoming one of the largest and most reputable casino portals in the industry. According to John Wright, the site now makes use of Redis used in tandem with a more efficient php framework to improve the loading speed of the site. Of course, these aren’t the only improvements users can expect., the company that designed the site, has made sure that the redesign would allow for the addition of more features that can speed up and improve loading times and the overall user experience. Along with these user experience design improvements, the site also has plans to expand with a player forum as well as slots and casino tournaments.

Responsive Mobile Experience

Another area that CasinoBonusesNow tried to improve with its redesign was the site’s mobile responsiveness. It was imperative for the site to make this change considering more users are now trying to access the internet on their mobile devices. In terms of responsiveness, navigation on the CasinoBonusesNow mobile site is now on par with that of the desktop version. Users will have access to the same content and features regardless if they’re using their mobile phones, tablets, or desktops/laptops to access the site.

Stricter Criteria For Casino Reviews

Perhaps the most sought-out feature implemented on CasinoBonusesNow (CBN) is one that’s related to how it recommends online casinos. The site has now become stricter when it comes to screening its ever-growing list of casinos. Contrary to what most people think, not all online casinos have the welfare of their players in mind. Some have terms and conditions that lock players out of their balance or winnings. Unlike a lot of other casino portals that promote these types of online casinos, CBN is more concerned with where its users register and play. For this reason, it now makes use of data provided by The POGG has done extensive research on dozens of online casinos and the kinds of terms and conditions they (the online casinos) offer their players.

New Name, New Features, Same Focus

Regardless of its changes and new features, users can always expect CasinoBonusesNow to have their welfare as its top priority. The site’s goal isn’t limited to just giving new players access to generous welcome offers. It also aims to provide its user-base (the players) access to retention bonuses offered by their favorite online casinos that they might have missed. Additionally, this casino portal will also ensure that all of its users get to play in only the most reputable online casinos (as determined by The POGG’s high standards). Looking for an online casino to join? If yes then you just might find one if you check out CasinoBonusesNow right now.

Some of their key pages you'll find are free spinsno deposit bonusesnew casinos and slots reviews.