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Most of the casinos you see listed on this page are recommended casinos. With all the software providers out there, there are usually at least 2 casinos per software. So taking a software like Microgaming or NetEnt for example, you'll have nearly 100 casinos using their software and that implies there is a lot of choice for the slots player. Rather than list every single casino possible, we tend to focus on preferred partners and stick to the best of the best. There are some casinos out there that don't treat their players the best and these are the places we want you to avoid.

So what you see from this list is our preferred list of online casinos. There are more than enough casinos out there with unfair terms and conditions or not paying their players in a timely manner and we simply won't send you there. If you ever have a complaint then just join our Facebook page and submit a message to the page admin and we'll do everything we can to help you.