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Last October 23, 2017 saw NetEnt’s release of the Planet of the Apes video slot. In association with 20th Century Fox, the company , the company released the premium to much fanfare as the latest premium title in its already formidable portfolio. The video slot is based off of the hugely popular Planet of the Apes franchise and incorporates elements from two of its latest films: Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

NetEnt Planet Of The Apes

2 Reels in One

What’s great about Planet of the Apes is its unique design and rewarding gameplay features. The video slot has two play areas that both have 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 betting lines. Each play area has different symbols and special features that integrate elements and characters from the movies they are based on. The play area on the left uses characters from Rise of the Planet of the Apes as inspiration for its symbols. As for the symbols on the right play area, these are derived from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ main characters.

Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Played Before

When it comes to gameplay features, players will undoubtedly enjoy what Planet of the Apes has to offer. Both the Rise and Dawn play areas provide players with their own free spins, Wilds symbols, Scatters, and Stacked Wilds. Other than this, the video slot also has a Dual Feature that would allow for greater winnings through a temporary transfer of symbols between the two play areas.

Banking on the Planet of the Apes Franchise’s Marketability

NetEnt Chief Product Officer Simon Hammon noted that the company was confident that the Planet of the Apes video slot won’t disappoint players and fans alike. The company had purportedly invested time and resources on the video slot for months. Employing the top experts in the industry, the company had wanted to create a title that did justice to one of the most popular intellectual properties in the past half a century. Hammon noted that the quality of this new title further strengthens the company’s already impressive portfolio of casino games. In addition, he pointed out that operators would do well to get the title on their platforms right away.

The value for an operator with this 50-year series of films is the loyal audience that spans over generations -- meaning it has the potential to attract a broad range of players.

Worth Trying Out

As of this writing, Planet of the Apes has been around for close to a month and has been warmly accepted by players the world over. Operators who are using NetEnt casino gaming software have also wasted no time in getting the title on their online casinos’ libraries. Thanks to this, the video slot is now readily available on numerous online casino brands. Players who want to try it out could check online casinos such as King Billy Casino, SlotsMillion, Bob Casino, Argo Casino, and many more.

What is chase the ace?

chase the ace lotto

Chase the Ace is a wildly popular lottery game that has taken over the town of eastern Canada by storm. This unique Canadian lottery traces its root back in 2013 and every year it brings an overwhelming gambling fever in this eastern province. 

Last summer the gates of heaven opened and showered a woman with $2.9 million jackpot after several months of bulging. This year (2017) the twitch has spread to St John's and it highly anticipated the skyrocketing jackpot amount will crack the $1 million mark. The fire seems to be spreading and with the voguish nature of this lottery, there are no signs of cooling down any soon.

History of Chase the Ace

The idea of Chase the Ace was copied by the Noel community from an Inuvik fundraiser to collect fund for the installation of their field’s floodlights. The community was the first to acquire the license for this lottery in the province of Nova Scotia and their debut jackpot amount was $209, 752.50. 
Buoyed by the success of the pioneers, other people started pursuing the license for the game and by September 2015, approximately 300 licenses had been issued. In the summer of 2015, a lottery in Inverness, Nova Scotia which had been only active for less than a year had accumulated a huge amount. This lottery was drawing an unimaginable crowd that was approximately 10 times this town’s population thereby requiring an extra car parking, venue, and extra mobile towers. 
In May 2016, a Chase the Ace game in Nova Scotia recorded significant participation and reached the highest jackpot ever, $2.6 million with only 5 cards remaining in the deck. The jackpot amount was won by Kathy McPherson on 7th May 2016.

How chase the ace works

The Chase the Ace lottery has simple rules. Every week participants buy lottery tickets which are entered into the weekly draw. Each week one ticket is drawn from the pot and the winner walks away with 20% of the total jackpot amount. Half of the amount is ploughed back to the parish, whereas the remaining amount (30%) is put into a bulging jackpot. 

The weekly winner is given the opportunity to draw a card from the standard 52 deck. If they pull the ace, they end up winning the total jackpot amount. Otherwise, the shrinking deck is reserved for the coming week. As time goes by, the odds are narrowed and the jackpot amount keeps on increasing. 
This record breaking million dollar game has won the hearts of many people. It has been 40 weeks since the current game began and chances of winning are growing higher and higher. With only 12 cards in the deck, and the jackpot standing at $697,416 (as of Monday), excitement is brimming in Gould’s. People are waking up as early as 06:00 local time to secure their tickets.
The potentially record breaking jackpot amount has seen the organizers set up two location for participants to check if they hold the winning ticket. In addition, more police officers have been deployed to control the crowds and the traffic. Moreover, new cell blocks have been put up to boost the deteriorating cell phone connectivity in the region. (LCB) has been around since 2006 and they have got good at catching online casinos using fake or stolen casino games. They found one casino called Burnbet and discovered fake games and all sorts of problems but things went from bad to worse when one of their reps implied death threats to the team at LCB. 

You can read the full article here:

Burnbet is a casino we definitely wouldn't take the time to review as we try to not include any low quality casinos on SlotsRoom. But having a quick look at Burnbet casino we can see they are a sportsbook and online casino. They are listed as being licensed in Curacao and contain the following information in their footer explaining their company and gaming license.

Company is registered with trade name: Yucatan Gaming N.V., E-Commerce Park Vredenberg in Curacao with registration number: 141882. is licensed by the Government of Curacao Commission with has been granted License No. 8048/JAZ2016-074. The company has head office in United KIngdom: Yukatan Ltd, B1 Business Centre, Suite 206, Davyfield Road, Blackburn, Lancashire, England, BB1 2QY with registration number: 09989535

We see no other casinos using this license and they did a small spelling error of United Kingdom. They supposedly are taking players in the United Kingdom without a gaming license from the UKGC which is another warning sign that players should stay far away from this casino. They list Bitcoin as one of the payment methods which doesn't make it a bad casino on that merit alone, but adding everything else it shows this is how they are probably circumventing payments received from players in the UK. Certainly they wouldn't have access to Skrill or Neteller for UK players but they are probably using credit cards like Visa and MasterCard to achieve this. 

So let's examine whom said what from Burnbet to LCB team:

It's quite clear there is a person from Slovenia sending out these messages and they have done a poor job of trying to cover their tracks. They didn't hide their IP address and location which was rookie mistake number one. Doing so would have made it tougher to identify where the messages came from but now their messages are something that can be taken to authorities as they have their IP address exposed plus are using some gmail address. In short, everything is highly trackable.

Fake games at Burnbet

Everything all started from Burnbet using fake games and were hoping to get promoted at LCB but unfortunately Burnbet are joining a growing list of casinos that are launching and using stolen games. You can see how LCB team are detecting the stolen games which analyzes the data coming from the browser and understanding that the stolen games are in no way connected to the software provider in question. One giveaway is the use of Marvel slots by Playtech which have been discontinued so this was an easy one to spot.

Report on stolen games from Burnbet by LCB:

For players it's always good to check casino reviews to see if a casino is legit or not. You can do any google search to see but don't just assume that all positive reviews from casino portals are legit as some could always be paid for. Always check the rogue casino list or blacklisted casinos from sites like LCB to know if the casino in question is worth playing at or not.


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December is usually a time for companies to give back the people that contributed to their success: their customers. This is the case for online casinos too. In fact, a lot of players eagerly look forward to this specific month of the year because of the numerous Christmas Casino Promotions that they’ll get to enjoy. With that said, how do you go about looking for the right promotions? With so many online casinos in operation today, is there a way to determine which of them are offering seasonal promotions? And if there was a way of doing so, will it be safe for any interested casino player to use? xmas casino bonuses

Looking for Casinos with Christmas Promotions

While there are numerous ways of coming across Christmas Casino Promotions, the safest would have to be consulting a known and reputable casino gaming portal. Casino Bonuses Now is one particular site that currently has an up-to-date list of online casinos that are offering Christmas-themed bonuses. The online casino gaming portal has been around for quite some time now and is fairly popular to players who are looking for casino bonuses regardless of the time of year. Its main draw has been its extensive listing of online casinos and the corresponding bonuses or promotions that these online casinos might be running. Typically it's the slots games that are available for bonus play like free spins.

Safety and Security

Now, you’re probably asking, is this online casino gaming portal (or the casinos that it lists) safe? In a nutshell, yes. Not only does Casino Bonuses Now conducts its own casino reviews, the site also makes use of the reviews and audits conducted by For those unfamiliar with the site, it’s also an online casino gaming portal that is respected for its fair and balanced reviews. The casinos and promotions that players will find on Casino Bonuses Now are guaranteed to be safe and secure. And in the event that a player does encounter an issue with a particular online casino (or its promotion), he/she can ask for help from ThePOGG through its ADR/dispute mediation service.

Other stuff to remember

So is that all there is to finding the best Christmas Casino promotions online? Well, not quite. A lot of the promotions are timed (at least those found on Casino Bonuses Now) and would usually expire after a couple of hours or days. These would then be usually replaced by other casinos that might then be offering promotions. In these instances, might want to check out the Christmas Casino Advent Calendar list on the Casino Bonuses Now forum instead. This is a complete list of the online casinos that are currently running Christmas-themed bonuses and promotions. Players can then just click on the name of the online casino with promotions they’d like to visit so they can start enjoying their bonuses. Of course, Casino Bonuses Now isn’t the only online casino gaming portal that has this kind of service. It’s possible that there are other sites that may have a more extensive list or even access to marginally better promotions. However, none of these can offer the security and safety that you’ll find with Casino Bonuses Now. So if you’re an online casino player looking to enjoy and be rewarded this Christmas season, don’t hesitate to check out this casino gaming portal’s Christmas Casino Bonuses Advent Calendar. Check out

Having already played a ton of the Jimi Hendrix video slot, I had high expectations of the last title in the NetEnt Rocks series: Motörhead. The video slot is a tribute to one of the most underrated heavy metal bands in music history. A lot of people associate heavy or thrash metal with bands like Metallica or Megadeth. What these people don’t know though was that these bands couldn’t have achieved the success they enjoyed were it not for Motörhead’s trailblazing work in the late 70s. Aside from being innovators and pioneers, the band was also known to make songs that centered on gambling. In fact, one of their earliest hits was a song titled Ace of Spades (which was also a track in the album of the same name). So how was the video slot’s gameplay like?

Motorhead slot: Rewarding

There aren’t many video slots that can boast of being enjoyable and rewarding at the same time. The Motörhead video slot is an exception to this. It has a unique 5-reel format that allows for 76 betting lines. In addition to these pay lines, the slot also boasts of Mystery Reels and a Bomber Feature that are designed to be rewarding for players. For every a spin a player makes during the regular game, he/she can expect to have at least 1 Mystery Reel. What’s great about this feature is that the Mystery Symbols on these reels will usually turn into regular symbols (except Scatters). As for the Bomber Feature, this usually activates randomly before a spin. When in effect, the player will be given at least 10 mystery symbols. Once these symbols are in place, the slot will then start spinning. Like with Mystery Reels, all mystery symbols in the Bomber Feature will turn into regular symbols after the spin. Other than these the video slot also has special features such as Free Spins and Wild substitutions that further reward anyone who chooses to play.

Visuals and the soundtrack are great!

Another feature of the Motörhead video slot that makes it enjoyable to play is its visuals and background music. Like other titles in the NetEnt Rocks series, this video slot has an intro that’s sure to make Motörhead fans wax nostalgic and regular players feel hyped. This intro is of the band playing Ace of Spades live and was directly taken from the their “The World Is Ours” DVD. After this, the player is also given the option to play 3 other Motörhead songs during the main game by clicking on the Rock Mode toggle button. As for the graphics, they might be in 2D but they perfectly complement the aesthetic of the band. The symbols also reference a lot of the bands songs (e.g. Ace of Spades for the Wild symbol).

A must-play!

Overall, I really liked how the NetEnt was able to bring something new to the table with the Motörhead video slot. Similar to how I felt before I played the Jimi Hendrix slot, I was quite apprehensive that the company would somehow butcher the band’s name. Thankfully, they were able to do more than just justify the existence of this video slot. Like when the band first came out in the 1970s, I’ve no doubt that NetEnt has also broken new ground with the video slot’s enjoyable gameplay and rewarding features.

Click here for the Motorhead slot review

Last August 3, 2016, the site known as CasinoBonusesToday announced that it was relaunching and rebranding as CasinoBonusesNow. Aside from the new name, the site boasts of new features that would undoubtedly benefit both its old and new users. Care to know what these features are?

Improvements In User Experience Design

The first thing that users will notice once they access CasinoBonusesNow is the site’s improved aesthetics. The site is now organized better and as a result, is also cleaner looking. With the new layout, it now won’t be as complicated for users to look for a specific casino/s or casino game/s (thanks to the site’s inclusion of bonus and game filters). Aside from the filters, the site also has a new menu that categorizes casinos based on their available bonuses/promotions.

This focus on user experience design is a part of CasinoBonusesNow’s goal of becoming one of the largest and most reputable casino portals in the industry. According to John Wright, the site now makes use of Redis used in tandem with a more efficient php framework to improve the loading speed of the site. Of course, these aren’t the only improvements users can expect., the company that designed the site, has made sure that the redesign would allow for the addition of more features that can speed up and improve loading times and the overall user experience. Along with these user experience design improvements, the site also has plans to expand with a player forum as well as slots and casino tournaments.

Responsive Mobile Experience

Another area that CasinoBonusesNow tried to improve with its redesign was the site’s mobile responsiveness. It was imperative for the site to make this change considering more users are now trying to access the internet on their mobile devices. In terms of responsiveness, navigation on the CasinoBonusesNow mobile site is now on par with that of the desktop version. Users will have access to the same content and features regardless if they’re using their mobile phones, tablets, or desktops/laptops to access the site.

Stricter Criteria For Casino Reviews

Perhaps the most sought-out feature implemented on CasinoBonusesNow (CBN) is one that’s related to how it recommends online casinos. The site has now become stricter when it comes to screening its ever-growing list of casinos. Contrary to what most people think, not all online casinos have the welfare of their players in mind. Some have terms and conditions that lock players out of their balance or winnings. Unlike a lot of other casino portals that promote these types of online casinos, CBN is more concerned with where its users register and play. For this reason, it now makes use of data provided by The POGG has done extensive research on dozens of online casinos and the kinds of terms and conditions they (the online casinos) offer their players.

New Name, New Features, Same Focus

Regardless of its changes and new features, users can always expect CasinoBonusesNow to have their welfare as its top priority. The site’s goal isn’t limited to just giving new players access to generous welcome offers. It also aims to provide its user-base (the players) access to retention bonuses offered by their favorite online casinos that they might have missed. Additionally, this casino portal will also ensure that all of its users get to play in only the most reputable online casinos (as determined by The POGG’s high standards). Looking for an online casino to join? If yes then you just might find one if you check out CasinoBonusesNow right now.

Some of their key pages you'll find are free spinsno deposit bonusesnew casinos and slots reviews.

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